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Magic College Prison

The Magic College Prison is a secret location underneath the Magic College.  
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The Magic College Prison's location is believed to be underneath the Magic College. Few people have ever seen it, and it has become an urban legend whether it exists at all or not. However, one Professor is always called the Jailor and is said to watch over it.  


The most famous Jailor is Professor Urokris Erthar, Sole Survivor of the Magic College Class of 521. Urokris's reason for keeping up maintenance of the prison and continuing to imprison people within it was unknown. Many say it is because of his witnessing of the 520 Massaccre of his class that he wishes for people to atone for their crimes and doesn't like death. In truth, he was keeping the prisoners so they could help him to kill Salasar Feaphed.  


Even the Grand Wizard is unaware of the Magic College Prison. It is said to be a secret passed among Jailors and only Jailors. To everyone else, it is an urban legend. Some students will joke that they will go to the Magic College Prison if they break certain rules. But they would need to do something far more heinous to end up here.

Current Prisoners

Here are all known prisoners in the Magic College Prison who were utilized by Urokris Erthar and Otikul Nurdesh in the Coup of Zephys.
  • Thalmejis Durzire- The 63rd Grand Wizard
  • Ordoth Mardaar- Dembar founder, father of Oraakil Mardaar, member of the Army of the Revolution. (Escaped)
  • Gunn- Former Orc Chief
  • Noof Troope- Son of Goof Troope the Monion
  • World Forged Prototype- A World Forged Prototype from the World Court.
  • Rebral Nog- A member of the Cragspear Bandits known for killing the Wind Jinn Turbine.
  • Izan Mog- A former member of the Nerodil Guard and Cragspear Bandits.
  • Klenkian Ravoslar- Tamdian Alchemist.
  • Draful Ravofarn- Draconian Noble and brother of Ikkul Ravofarn, one of the former Chiefs.
  • Older- A Korvian with the ability to rapidly age anyone, who is said to have committed a horrible war crime in the Chief Crisis.
  • Sank Finatra- A Nereid singer and former manager of Ringrove.

Unintended Discovery

There was, however, a small group of people aware of the presence of the Magic College Prison. During the Chief Crisis, a student of the Class of 548, Rebun Colad, stumbled upon it. He then brought some other students, members of the Class of 550 and one from the Class of 549, to see it.   This group consisted of:
  • Oraakil Mardaar (549)- Son of Ordoth Mardaar.
  • Lorakaen Darelor (550)- Half-Elf healer.
  • Finethir Shinebright (550)- Half-Elf son of Sirlini Glirdog and Olmand Shinebright.
  • Shatt Gunn- Half (550)-Orc grandson of Gunn, member of the Army of the Revolution.
  • Gak (550)- Goblin son of Kirbo the Monion and Sullore the Ophidian.
  • Ogonn Ha (550)- Fire Jinn War Machine of the Golden Automatons, son of Adai the Honored.
  • Kathleen Ramone (550)- Former slave, current Bard, member of the Army of the Revolution.
  This group found some of the prisoners and fought against a guard, who ended up being a World Forged in disguise. They then fled when they saw the second World Forged. They did not inform anyone of this discovery, as it was far too emotionally scarring for some of them, and others were scared or unsure of what exactly they saw.   There has been no record of any other discovery of the Magic College Prison.

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