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Clolith Library

The Clolith Library is the library of the Magic College, and is likely the largest font of knowledge in the world after the Temples of Sia and Mimir themselves.  
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed


One could not go into the entire history of the Clolith Library. By virtue of it being the source of books and knowledge in the Magic College, there have been many prominent figures who have learned incredible and wondrous secrets in the Clolith Library.  


It was built by Kath the Eternal, who built the entire Magic College. Many of its more ancient books, written in Draconic, were also likely from him. It is likely because of Kath the Eternal's size that the library is as tall as it is, which allows it to store more books.   When Kilprax Ildial, the first Grand Wizard, forced Kath to leave the Magic College, he took the library as his office. He hid scrolls of secret knowledge there for worthy successors to find, not expecting that a worthy successor ever would come.   The second Grand Wizard, Tobor Tuldad, moved the Grand Wizard office and left the library as just that. A library. he didn't think much to name it, as it was just the Magic College library. Many of his successors did the same, not caring of a name for the library. They just saw it as a place to find books.  

The Pizzaman

Faervroth Clolith was a pizza delivery man in the year 57. He was called to deliver a pizza to the Magic College, but ended up lost in the library. He knocked over a shelf of books, where he discovered a manuscript that was thought to have been destroyed.
Faervroth Clolith, the Pizza Man by Jarhed
  Nyaldual Nurdesh had hidden this manuscript, thought he had destroyed it. Clolith now began reading it and used it to participate in the Grand Wizard Struggle. The spell on the manuscript was disintegrate, and was used to make Clolith become the 10th Grand Wizard.   Faervroth Clolith is the first prominent figure in history to use the Library and its knowledge to achieve something major. Due to this, future Grand Wizards all agreed on one thing. His use of the library was worthy of celebration. He should be honored for his actions.   Due to this, the library was named after him, and in 183 the 16th Grand Wizard, Driammes Jarkul, named it the Clolith Library.  


Driammes Jarkul ate pizza every day he was Grand Wizard. This was because he looked up to Clolith so much. Due to this, Jarkul also spent a good portion of his time as Grand Wizard in the Clolith Library.   Many cite this when asked why the pages of some books seem to have grease stains on them. It was Jarkul's death that also is believed to have left the giant bloodstain on the wall which has never been able to be magically cleaned. Jarkul wanted to make a mark like Clolith did, and so his mark is left in Clolith's place of honor.   Many others studied in the Clolith Library during the Grand Wizard Struggle. Chief among them, more prominent than anyone else, was the man who would one day be known as the 64th Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed.  
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed


Salasar Feaphed appeared one day in the library when he was in his late 20s. Some claimed he had a hopeful look in his eyes, while others instead said the look was that of grief and lost love.   Feaphed, however, did not answer any questions. He spoke little to anyone that talked to him, only doing something if someone required his help.   Feaphed studied in that library, never leaving, for nearly one hundred years. It was only in 496 when he finally decided to actually become a student at the Magic College, joining the Class of 500. He befriended Fepar Tilrak and Melthrum, becoming part of the Mage Trio with them. Together, they saved countless people and stopped many catastrophes.   Yet Salasar Feaphed still spent a large amount of his time studying in the Clolith Library. People often made fun of him for it, even after graduating he studied in the library. They knew he had the strength to become Grand Wizard, but all he did was study.   Until finally, the day came when he put down the books and said a single thing to the librarian. He addressed the librarian as if they knew each other, but all they knew was that many of their predecessors had also known and seen Salasar study here. Yet Salasar acted as if they were friends who had worked together for years when he stood up that day.   With a big smile on his face, Salasar Feaphed said,
"I've read every book in this library. I know everything there is to know now. Thank you."
— Salasar Feaphed
  And Salasar Feaphed became Grand Wizard not long after, in 530. The Clolith Library attributes this to all the time he spent studying there, and if one were to ask Salasar, he would agree wholeheartedly.   Salasar himself was once asked, to which he replied:
"Oh it was certainly because of the Clolith Library. Knowledge doesn't just appear, it's cultivated over time, and in no place has that knowledge been more cultivated than in the Clolith Library. It is truly a treasure trove of information and wisdom that I invite anyone to look at. It's never a waste of time to learn."
— Salasar Feaphed


The Clolith Library is sorted into various sections, each with different books in it. Some are sorted by genre, mostly fictional stories that are sorted based on subject. Non-Fiction books are placed in sections that inform people what the subject matter in the book will be discussing.  
Fepar Tilrak by Jarhed
Some sections of this Non-Fiction area include:  


To get into the Clolith Library, one must be cleared by the Grand Wizard or a Professor there. Often, anyone who is there with a student is also allowed. Since Salasar Feaphed became Grand Wizard, this was extended to include anyone who was thirsty for knowledge.   Alumni are also given free access to the Clolith Library. Due to this, it is not uncommon to see someone who graduated years before you ever arrived at the Magic College studying in the library.

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