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The Grand Wizard Struggle

The Conflict


Perzita Theldrar and Brenvorth Taldis by Jarhed
The Grand Wizard known as Perzita Theldrar had forced Brenvorth Taldis to resignation, and then began fighting everyone around Draconian Territory. After she thoroughly defeated everyone there, she began fighting powerful people around the world.   A Red Draconian by the name of Medroth Umtic hated this. He hated being emasculated by the 7th Grand Wizard, and decided that he would show that he was also just as strong.   He trained hard as Perzita spent much of her time out of Draconian Territory. She still passed legislature, and even perfected Brenvorth's Draconis Calendar, but she was seen as an absent ruler for how much time she spent away.   Due to this, Medroth was able to stir up enough people to fight. He beat some, but he couldn't beat others. He wasn't the greatest fighter, in all honesty not even a competent one. He found that his only strength was his high output flames, and needed to find a way to use that. He devised a one-time strategy that would maybe be able to kill Perzita, and decided to give it a shot.

Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Salasar Feaphed killed the symbol of the Struggle, Thalmejis Durzire, and reformed the position of Grand Wizard
Notable Grand Wizards from the Struggle:
  • 8th Grand Wizard Medroth Umtic
  • 9th Grand Wizard Qelbor Vammush
  • 10th Grand Wizard Faervroth "The Pizzaman" Clolith
  • 16th Grand Wizard Driammes "The Glutton" Jarkul
  • 18th Grand Wizard Clothtas Frofarn
  • 19th Grand Wizard Vimbish Baxcol
  • 59th Grand Wizard Felonius Questus
  • 60th Grand Wizard Crordoth Narakas
  • 61st Grand Wizard Nyxius Gririn
  • 62nd Grand Wizard Drixodal Vortrin
  • 63rd Grand Wizard Thalmejis Durzire

The Flame Seen 'Round the World

Medroth Umtic challenged Perzita Theldrar to a duel in the year 23. He knew he had one chance to do this, so he had to try it. He tried to grab Perzita, but she parried his grapple, tossing him to the ground.  
Axas Thampoc by Jarhed
In an instant, Perzita Theldrar had defeated him before he was able to use his strategy. He was laughed out of the capital city of Zephys, and decided to wait to further his plan. Most either turned him into a laughing stock and joke of a person or simply forgot he existed. Due to his weakness, Perzita was in the second camp, utterly forgetting that Medroth Umtic had even challenged her.   One year later, Medroth once again challenged Perzita. The duel took place in the Magic College Arena, and he took the time to get handily beaten by her. He stood no chance in a fair fight. But once he was on the ground, and she offered to help him up, he took the chance to get her in a bear hug.   Once she was in his embrace, he was able to pull off his one-time move. He lit his own arms on fire, and her with him. The hottest flames he could make. Once he was done, she was burnt to a crisp, and he had lost his arms. He had defeated Perzita Theldrar and become the eighth Grand Wizard.  

Unintended Continuation

People loved this idea. That the Grand Wizard could be killed with just one simple spell.   Not only that, but Medroth's reputation was at its lowest point due to his initial loss against Perzita and his underhanded tactics that he used to win the battle. Therefore, assassinating the Grand Wizard was now the hottest new trend, and everyone wanted to try it.   Qelbor Vammush was the first one to take Medroth's idea. To use a singular spell to take the position of Grand Wizard. Qelbor felt no remorse creating a disease to kill Medroth, and Faervroth Clolith felt no remorse using disintegrate on Vammush either. This pattern continued, one after another, for hundreds of years.  
Viaxis Vammush by Jarhed
Some fun facts about the Grand Wizards during the Struggle include:
  • Grand Wizard 10 Faervroth Clolith was a Pizzaman until he discovered the spell disintegrate by accident.
  • Grand Wizard 16 Driammes Jarkul ate pizza every day he was in office.
  • Grand Wizard 17 Lunchush Rhobroth died of a cold, not even of an assassination.
  • Grand Wizard 19 Vimbish Baxcol created the Really Funny Fit to kill his predecessor.
  • Grand Wizard 20 Viaxis Vammush created Dragon's Doom to kill Baxcol, sending the world into a dark age known as the Age of Plague.
  • Grand Wizard 56 Axas Thampoc was technically two people, one of which was enchanted to be the same person as the other, mimicking the thoughts and actions of the other.
  • Grand Wizard 58 Fulkac Sagar is said to be the unluckiest person in history.
  • Grand Wizard 59 Felonius Questus became Grand Wizard by accident.
  • Grand Wizard 60 Crordoth Narakas was killed by a group of Goblins.

The Year of the Grand Wizard

There was a year within the Struggle that nearly destroyed Draconian society as it was known. 350, the Year of the Grand Wizard. There were four Grand Wizards in this year: Vaarnish Qelrinn, Nomrar Nawyn, Embed Eramorn, Larnead Xarmash. Vaarnish, the 38th Grand Wizard, died at the start of the year, and three separate Grand Wizards were named. A battle then ensued between them, and if not for Larnead Xarmash's death the following year to his successor, Falmath Uphal, the Grand Wizard title would have been destroyed entirely. Falmath, however, saved it with strong leadership but weak power.
Drixodal Vortrin by Jarhed

The Tragedy

Drixodal Vortrin became the 62nd Grand Wizard through sheer power, but he was still often called weak. It came with the job, and how the title of Grand Wizard was after nearly 500 years of the Struggle. This got to him mentally, and caused for him to grow paranoid that someone would be coming after him. And in 520, someone did. Or rather, someone came to him with a worry.   New Years Eve, 519, the Class of 521 is in the Magic College arena with Drixodal. A group of them approach him, saying they worry someone could overthrow him and that it would look best for him to step down and let a suitable candidate, who they had picked, take his place.   Drixodal, however, would not allow this to happen. He went crazy, seeing that his paranoia was correct. He slaughtered everyone in the class, and as he stood over them, he realized that they were correct.
  He was weak. He was pathetic. He was a sorry excuse for a Grand Wizard, because he killed people who he was supposed to protect. He hummed a song as he killed himself. This account comes from the sole survivor, who Drixodal believed to be dead, Urokris Erthar. The very candidate who was suggested to replace him.  

The End

Yet Urokris wanted nothing to do with the Grand Wizard. He had watched a Grand Wizard slaughter his friends. He had severe PTSD, and instead the nobles chose fellow noble Thalmejis Durzire to become the 63rd Grand Wizard.
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
  Thalmejis brought relative ease to the world, getting the name of the Draconians back into the diplomatic sphere. However, as he had not killed Drixodal, there was unease and fear towards him. That perhaps he was in leagues with Drixodal and would go on a rampage as well.   Due to this, when Salasar Feaphed approached Drixodal, Drixodal gladly agreed to fight Salasar and let everyone watch as this new, promising wizard took his life. Then, Salasar could right the past 500 years of wrongs.  


The Grand Wizard Struggle went down in history as one of the most embarrassing time periods for any people in Totania. It showed that even a species as mighty as the Draconians could falter.   In art, it lingered in many ways. The Grand Wizard Requiem was a song written about Drixodal Vortrin's grief, the Pizza company Little Cloliths was named after the 10th Grand Wizard, the Pizzaman. Many books were written about it, and a famous painting by Cozall Redfury known as "Feaphed Triumphant" features Salasar Feaphed standing over a pile of unrecognizable corpses, to show that Salasar Feaphed changed everything and turned society away from these faceless, unimportant Grand Wizards.

Cover image: Grand Wizard Struggle by Jarhed


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