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Uncharted Desert

The Uncharted Desert is, as the name implies, a desert that is the central fixture of Elone, the eastern continent of Totania. Much of it has not been mapped out, thusly giving it its name.  

The Known Parts

On the outskirts of the Uncharted Desert are some known settlements from the Gnomes, most notably the Gnomish capital Lebalos, the fake version of the Elven capital Camor which is called Teilian, and the isolated city of Masgar. There are lesser known Gnomish settlements deep within the desert.   It is also known that the Temple of the Goddes Ioun has two entrances in the Desert, and then sprawls beneath the Desert. If one seeks knowledge or prophecy, they will travel into the Uncharted Desert to seek out Ioun.  

The Sand

The Uncharted Desert is, of course, made mostly of sand. While most, especially those who worship Melora, Goddess of Nature, say that it was Melora herself who made the desert. However, there are those who believe the sand was, in some part, artificially placed by a Giant with Earth Magic or Nammat the Unseen, a Dragon Lord who resides in the Uncharted Desert.  

Dangers of the Desert

The Uncharted Desert is filled with many dangers, which is part of why it has remained unmapped. There are no maps of any part of the desert aside from the outskirts and the vague location of the Temple of Ioun.

Residents of the Uncharted Desert

The Uncharted Desert is populated most notably with two species: The Gnomes and the Emetians. Each mostly live separate from the other, with Gnomes living in the more hospitable regions on the edge of the desert mostly (specifcally the Secci Gnomes).   The other Gnomes live deep in the desert in villages, often with Emetians. Emetian men move from village to village when they come of age, seeking out a partner to keep the gene pool in the villages diverse.   There are also unconventional residents of the Uncharted Desert. Verthica Draconians live atop the Celestial Palace at the Eastern Edge of the Desert. Some Earth and Fire Jinn live in the Uncharted Desert, specifically around the Temple of Ioun.

Nammat the Unseen

Nammat the Unseen is a Brown Dragon, the strongest of the Brown Dragons. He was one of the first Dragons made by Tiamat herself, along with the other Dragon Lords. Nammat hides beneath the sands of the Uncharted Desert, swimming beneath it. He wishes to remain out of sight of all who traverse the desert, hunting his prey from beneath the dunes. any travellers who go through the desert know that he is the greatest threat. However, he is not the only threat.  


The Uncharted Desert is filled with many kinds of beasts, each of which more dangerous than the other. One which is dangerous but also quite delicious is the Onker, a fiery pig that appears to come from Hell. There are also giant worms that are all across the desert. These are the two most well known creatures found there, but there are also scorpions, snakes, and many other terrifying creatures.  

Die Punchforce

While it is unclear what happened to him, for a time there was a terrifying, large human man who roamed the desert, fighting anyone he determined was strong. He was the Strength Mage, Die Punchforce, who sought out a strong fight. Some say he ultimately got that strong fight, and that it is what led to his demise.  


There are many Emetians who roam the Uncharted Desert seeking love. However, often they are defeated by the one who becomes their spouse, causing them to settle down. Those that are not defeated in combat, then, become World Breakers, roaming from village to village often in spite or rage, destroying things and killing any who they come across. However, it should be noted that not all Worldbreakers are violent or evil, but all are incredibly strong. Strong enough that no one of their preferred gender could defeat them.  


There are many bandits and thieves that reside in the Uncharted Desert, especially on the outskirts of settlements, stealing from trade caravans. The caravans then lose all supplies to help them stay alive and, then, die often from starvation or thirst.  


The Uncharted Desert is the hottest place in the world, save for perhaps the interior of the Ironforge Volcano in Dwarven Territory. Many people are unprepared for it and, therefore, overheat. The way to avoid this is to keep an Ice Mage and/or a Water Mage with you at all times to combat overheating. If one does not have a way around this, they may even melt.

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