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SETO Accords

The SETO Accords are a series of treaties written to keep the peace in Draconian Territory by the Southern Elone Treaty Organization, or SETO. SETO is the group of all Dragonborrnvillages united together to keep peace in Draconian Territory.   The organization was formed after the Chief Crisis, where the Chiefs that came before went to war with each other to become Grand Wizard. After the massive death toll, the Chiefs that came after had no choice but to take action to prevent it from happening, which is where this treaty came from.  

The Writing of the Accords

The SETO Accords were initially written in the first meeting of SETO, where the only people present were Nalrik Tilrak, Higar Vixik, Vardid Liloryas, and Phund Monet. Their additions make up the section titled "The Initial Clause."   With the addition of Farcorin and Orlayas about a week later, extra clauses were added. Alongside this, other additions were made by Higar due to his village's protests against the alliance. This is the "Tamd Amendment."   Finally, Coldrid Saxan and Otikul Nurdesh joined after the Battle for Southern Elone, bringing in the forces of the villages of Evity and Dembar. Their additional addendums were compiled into what had two contrasting names, depending on who was asked. Coldrid asked for it to be called the "Bill of Evity" while Otikul said it deserved to be called "Dembar's Final Rules." For brevity's sake, this article, and the Accords themselves, combined the two, calling it the "Final Bill."   It has been decided that any future additions to the SETO Accords will fall under a section of the Final Bill, as the final rule of the Final Bill written by Otikul Nurdesh states that the Final Bill includes: "All additions made to the SETO Accords after the introduction of Evity and Dembar."   This includes additions made by Chiefs of Waire and Ilder, Sinner Caerxan and Oraakil Mardaar, as well as the Chief of Yirthum Jargar Eltan.
Orlayas Ojeux by Jarhed
  The Accords were proposed by the individual Chiefs and Chief Representatives with each section signed by its writer. The signatures are
  • NT-Nalrik Tilrak
  • HV-Higar Vixik
  • VL-Vardid Liloryas
  • F-Farcorin
  • OO-Orlayas Ojeux
  • CS-Coldrid Saxan
  • ON-Otikul Nurdesh
  • SC-Sinner Caerxan
  • OM-Oraakil Mardaar
  • JE-Jargar Eltan
Phund Monet, while he is believed to have contributed to the document, did not sign it. Some of the Initial Clause sections are believed to have been his. Some sections have dual authorship.   The Accords read as follows below:
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed


The Southern Elone Treaty Organization is made up of many members. There are eight who hold high ranks, being the Chief Executive Organizer Nalrik Tilrak, and the Chief Representatives Higar Vixik, Vardid Liloryas, Coldrid Saxan, Otikul Nurdesh, Farcorin, Phund Monet, and Orlayas Ojeux.   These are representatives of all Draconian Villages, settlements, and organizations within SETO. Nalrik leads the village of Bortan, Higar is Chief of Tamd, Vardid comes from Ealla, Coldrid is in charge of Evity, and Otikul is Chief of Dembar.   Farcorin is the Commander of the Elven Guard in Yirthum and, thus, is in charge when the Chief Jargar Eltan is away. Orlayas Ojeux is temporarily in the seat of Grand Wizard, and represents the Draconian capital of Zephys. Phund Monet occupies a less official role as the ambassador of the Army of the Revolution.

The SETO Accords

In the name of Phrixus, Helle, and the Gods above and below, we Chiefs pledge ourselves to these Accords. We swear to protect our people's freedom, their rights, and above all else, their safety. To do less would be to fail them and ourselves, and thus we swear by this Treaty.  

The Initial Clause

Section I
The territories of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization (SETO) shall uphold freedom, liberty, equality, and fair justice to everyone within its borders no matter the person. This section covers and includes grounds against all discriminations such as those related to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social status, or mutation.-NT/VL
Vardid Liloryas Vracrath by Jarhed
Section II
SETO is a defensive alliance, therefore if any direct member/ally of SETO is attacked then all members of SETO will come to the victim member's/ally's aid. All armies must be ready, and declining to intervene in a conflict on the behalf of a member/ally may warrant consequences against said uncooperative member.-NT/HV  
Section III
In the event that an individual group appeals to SETO for aid, a vote will commence among the members of SETO. This vote will determine whether or not SETO will provide aid and what kind of aid SETO will provide.-NT  
Section IV
If any member(s) of SETO declare an offensive war they will not be affiliated with SETO nor will they receive help from the organization unless the member(s) appeal to SETO and explain their justification for war, to which the neutral members will then decide by vote whether to help or not. Furthermore, if offensive war is declared and deemed unjustified by the members of SETO, the member(s) that declared it will face consequences.-NT/HV  
Section V
Members of SETO will not attack other members of SETO unless done in a training scenario, or they will face consequences.-NT  
Section VI
Institutions such as slavery, mortal trafficking, and any other kinds of forced labor are banned, and any group found operating under these trades in the lands of SETO will be summarily punished and shall face the proper consequences.-NT/HV  
Section VII
If in the scenario of SETO occupying foreign territory, the citizens of said territory will be treated with respect and dignity as any citizen under SETO rule as, as stated in Section I and Section VI. Any territory claimed by SETO will be under SETO's jurisdiction, not any individual member, to prevent unfair treatment under the nose of SETO.-NT/VL  
Section VIII
To uphold Section V and prevent fights from breaking out, any and all disagreements between members of SETO that break out into an argument must then be done with singing. If conflict has not dissolved after the singing has concluded, the opposing members will be separated by neutral members until they cool down.-VL
Higar Vixik by Jarhed
Section IX
SETO will be divided into three ranks, with further division up to individual members. First shall be the leader, the Chief Executive Organizer, who stands at the front of SETO and speaks for its members. They share voting power with the rank beneath them, the Chief Representative.   Chief Representatives are those who represent an area, be it a village or majorly contributing organization. They vote alongside the Chief Executive Organizer, and lead SETO in any way the Chief Executive Organizer does not.   Finally, there is the citizenry. This accounts for all in SETO who do not have voting power. This rank is further broken down depending on the village or organization, mostly into combat and non-combat citizens.-HV  
Section X
No Alchemist is greater than a bard, and no bard is greater than an alchemist. Any previous animosity, be it between bards and alchemists or any other groups within SETO, should be brought up to the Chief Representatives, who will handle all grievances and handle their own citizenry.-VL/HV  
Section XI
All Tamd potions and Eallan music will be regulated to prevent any inhumane alchemical mixes or songs. Those potions which ruin the lives of its users like the Drug Burnout are prohibited, as are songs which can cause permanent mental harm.-VL/HV  

The Tamd Amendment

Recognizing mistakes and omissions is an important task of all in power, so here we stand to amend our mistakes and add truth to the SETO Accords. Here lie not just fixes, but the wishes of the new Chief Representatives that join SETO's honored company.  
Section I
Citizens of SETO affiliated settlements are not required to participate in SETO activity, nor are they required to know of SETO actions unless it directly concerns them. SETO actions are classified to prevent information from leaking to those who would wish to harm SETO citizenry.-OO
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed
Section II
Foretelling the future with Prediction Magic should only be done in circumstances where it is absolutely necessary, as it is unclear whether seeing it cements it as something that must happen or not. Precautions must be taken to ensure that every possible hopeful outcome is possible, and all steps that can be taken towards this will be prioritized by SETO.-OO  
Section III
SETO shall meet regularly every three months. The meeting place will be determined on a case by case basis, but a temporary if not permanent place shall be built in Tamd to house the Chief Executive Organizer and Chief Representatives for said meetings for the foreseeable future.   These meetings are not required if a meeting is called anyway within those three months if, and only if, the major points of discussion about SETO are discussed at the meeting called between the standard meetings.-OO/HV  
Section IV
The Chief Executive Organizer must give a speech to SETO once a year at one of the gatherings. This speech is first to be given to the Chief Representatives, and then to each force of soldiers. This will not only keep up morale, but keep the Chief Executive Organizer on their toes with their thoughts in leading SETO.-OO/VL  
Section V
Chiefs retain sovereign power over their villages. Regulations can only come onto them if they have outright broken one of SETO's rules or have interfered outside of their villages. Anything otherwise done within their villages is unprosecutable by SETO unless agreed on by the Chief themselves and the Chief Executive Organizer.-HV  
Section VI
No regulations may be placed on the magic of SETO members. There is not a single spell that cannot be used. Any prosecution that comes from the use of a spell must come after its use with the context of what resulted from said spell being taken fully into account.-HV  
Section VII
(Translated poorly from Elvish to Draconic to Common, then interpreted and rewritten) The Southern Elone Treaty Organization should recognize the sovereignty of all nations and declare the intention of peaceful relations with all people. To ensure SETO is not seen as warlike, they must declare their peace outwardly, openly, and at all times possible.-F  
Coldrid Saxan by Jarhed

The Final Bill

This is, to condense the SETO Accords, the final section. All further amendments will be added here, as it is of course a living document. Times change and, of course, so too must SETO and all others.  
Section I
All beasts incorporated under the umbrella of SETO, be it pet, wild animal, or tamed beasts under a Beastmaster, are rightful members of SETO and are thus subjected to all laws of responsibility, and also all laws of protection and citizenship, as other citizens.-ON  
Section II
Nature is to be protected at all costs. Any damage done to natural wonders like the Elven Forest shall be subject to consequences for members of SETO. If designated plant mages or Druids can be sent to maintain the forest and gardens, that would be great.-ON  
Section III
If a member of SETO challenges another member to a boardgame, the other member must accept or face an hour in the time-out corner during the next meeting, where they will be forced to listen only and not contribute to the discussion.   If a member of SETO challenges someone to a boardgame and loses, they must then attend the meeting wearing a sash that says, "Failed Challenger." This is to ensure that all others at the meeting know that this Chief Representative is not as good with their word, as they challenged someone with the intention to win and still lost.-ON  
Sinner Caerxan by Jarhed
Section IV
Tea will be served at all SETO meetings. A wide blend of teas for all taste pallets and moods of the day will be prepared, but servants or even interns are not allowed within the meeting. They must set the tea down outside and the Chief Representative (or Chief Executive Organizer) who has been determined to be dominating the conversation must leave to get the tea.   While the domineering Chief is gone, the conversation continues without them and new opinions are heard. When they return with the tea, the conversation will now have them at a point where it is difficlut to dominate the conversation, and they will also be humbled by the act of bringing tea to their fellow Chief Representatives.-ON  
Section V
All high ranking people in all world nations, including those in SETO, must always be treated with the respect as befitting their situations. In official ceremonies, full titles must be used with no exception. Failure to do so will result in consequences.-ON  
Section VI
In the event that a hostile entity has been deemed a threat by two or more member states, a joint task force comprising of all constituents must launch an investigation into its nature and severity. In the case it is imminent or the threat is deemed enough to pose a clear and present danger to a member state, the others must immediately prepare to counteract the hostile entity.-SC/OM  
Section VII
All member states have a duty to protect all peoples of the world, and those fleeing from dangerous situations always have a place in Draconian Territory. The question for member states should not be whether they should allow refugees, but instead where they would be best suited within the land of the member states. Each member state shares equal responsibility to house refugees.-SC/JE  

The Section of Consequences

It has come to the attention of I, Coldrid Saxan, that these Accords speak often of consequences for actions, yet they do not elaborate on many consequences. To prevent vague rulings, this section of the Accords has been dedicated to the descriptions of consequences.  
First Consquence
Failure to comply with helping an ally in need can lead to aid not being sent to the member who refused to help others. This is a give or take scenario and if one person in the alliance is not pulling their weight, they shall be left behind rather than dragged along like a corpse on a chain, holding down SETO.-CS  
Second Consequence
Unjustified wars can lead to many deaths, as can fighting with other members of SETO. All who break these two rules will face the consequence of imprisonment via Zephys or Dembar, where they shall be forced to admit their wrongdoings before they can be freed. The same goes for slavery. If one kills an ally rather than simply fighting them, they will be subject to lifelong imprisonment in Zephys or Dembar.-ON/CS  
Third Consequence
The consequence that comes with the neglect or destruction of nature is not to be too harsh. After all, plants should be cared for, but lives come first. The offending member will be punished by being sent to live in the woods for a month, where their only outside contact will be a messenger who only arrives when the secluded member is called for.-CS  
Fourth Consequence
Finally, the fourth consequence comes from the failure to adhere to calling someone by their proper, full title. Failure to comply with the rule of this section of the SETO Accords can cause one to be given a warning. They are allowed three warnings, the second being when their name shall be listed in black books to remember their deeds later if they are asked for. After the third warning, which is moreso a warning that one has already reached three warnings and has no chance of fixing their ways, one is stripped of all of their titles.-CS  

Future Additions

There are, as of the writing of this, no further additions to be made to the SETO Accords. The members of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization worked hard to ensure they missed nothing, but there were certainly some things they missed.   This is where the future of the document comes into play. After all, it is a living document that can be edited and added to. Editing and addition require the approval of a majority of Chief Representatives, as it is their job to preserve the SETO Accords.

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