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WorldEmber 2021

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Document Special Category
A total of 36 entries

"On Meaning", Lecture Notes of the Grand Philosopher, 75.2.724

The Utopian Edict of Emperor Cezak

Journal of Natural Flora and Fauna

Forged in Blood: A Tale of the Crossing and Crusades

The Death of the Serpent Yrilu - A Tragedy in Verse

The Life Chronicle of Abedi Terik, the Dragon Emperor

Game of Tomes: Once More with Filking

Arneson's Guide to Flora and Where to Find Them

The Homesick Halfling's Guide to the Borderlands

The Book of the Habits and Beasts

Arbitration Logs: Hilka's Burial

Magium Inquisition: Kir'A'Rrak, and the Cult of the Golden Spiral

New Dawn Space Militarization Treaty

Legends of the Chromatic Temple

Messenger Service: Manual of Service

The Love Story of T'lula'taku and the Aleated Ceraclops