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Journal of Natural Flora and Fauna

No no no. Much too serious! This needs some flavor to the writing. -Dr. Bumblebottom
The Journal of Natural Flora and Fauna is a first draft of the first volume of the first edition to the unwritten "Encyclopedia of everything Flora and Fauna: Idune Edition." The creation of the article began with the adventures of the Nobleman Dr. William Joseph Bumblebottom, son of the Drake of Galtorum. His findings have detailed a magnificent amount of pictorial details of plant and animal life. The society of Idune Scholars owes its humble gratitude to the, now, professor.

Actual Passages

Undeadicus Ladybugicus

[Picture Needed] The undead ladybugs, also known as the "Undeadicus Ladybugicus" is a nocturnal creature first discovered within a ruined cavern deep within the Southern Alinar Range. The bug was found feasting upon the remains of a toppled fungi tree. All other methods of feed seem to be stringently avoided. The bug has not knowingly been documenting consuming anything else.    For this reason, the habitat of the ladybug is primarily within the Southern Alinar Range. The tunnels often flood, creating physical barriers for any scientist of etymologist to investigate. The tunnels tend to have a rich iron deposit within the regions the bugs are found. It is hypothesized that the bugs thrive in an iron rich environment and a fungi based food source. 
Amazing creatures are the Undeadicus Ladybusicus! The prospect of their finding alone is what led me to my lovely wife! - B
The documentation of the creatures is difficult due to their nocturnal state and remoteness of habitat.

Rosa Anoreine Coccinea

The Rosa Anoreina Coccinea, also known as the Red Rose, is known the continent of Idune, found primarily throughout the wilds of the Brentwell Prairie. However, the plant thrives best, and was first discovered, in the southern Alinar Range. The rocky and often clay filled dirt mix makes for a soil composition usually unfriendly to flowers. The Red Rose, however, takes to this composition considerably, giving birth to a wide range of other subspecies. This common flower is known for its medicinal proper's as much as it is its poisons. The roses are favored by the Drow in the Southern Alinar range for its range of poisonous qualities.   The Red Rose is a subspecies of a wide branch of Anoreine. The Anoreine are a common plant throughout the continent of Idune and can be useful for a wide range of purposes. Some cultures and uses include, but are not limited to: Medicinal for tea, poisonous if ground, wound and threaded as a sewing material if spun, as a hallucinogenic if smoked.
If you smoke the plant, you'll trip so hard you'll see your ancestors! -B
  Those within the Il'An Meadow use the plant for it's tensile strength and binding of bow strings. The sap from the village Ferness acting as a flexible glue which holds it all together. The separate species which exist within the Rosa family are able to accomplish miracles within the medical field by acting as a mild pain reliever. However, it should be noted that the species are banned within certain borders. The plant is heavily controlled within the Throzmuri Kingdom and should under no circumstances be carried across the border illegally.
Gee Whitakers! I had no idea my introduction of the herb within my city would cause such a ruckus. They really need to let loose! -B
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Plant life has some mysterious properties to it. The more with which you play, the more interesting they become. -Elesha Ottery, Archmage

Let it be known! The Aufsnaut University is seeking validated information on the creature known as "Undeadicus Ladybugicus." Information can come in the form of a. recovered specimen or b. information from a credited individual. The reward for such information varies but will begin with 50 gp. -Caris Haggen, Chancellor of Aufsnaut University.
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