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Messenger Service: Manual of Service


The purpose of this Manual is to give ethical and legal guidance on how to run the Messenger Services. This can be on matters such as when members wear which type of uniform or when to increase or lower the price of messages from its standard pricing of 15 New Sovereigns as well as how to deal with issues that were known about.   The manual has differing colour to those of the ledgers they use for the income of the service. The Ledgers are brown while the Manual of Service is burgundy coloured.

Document Structure

The Manual is set out in logical layout by topic category in alphabetical order each of these categories is called a clause. The contents of the books are written in dry legalistic language to make it clear on intention. If there are conditional words such as; and, or, as well as, instead, exception, the sentence containing these words are treated akin to a computer program or a strict rule set.


The clauses or categories that are contained in the Manual are;  

How The Service Runs

  • Message Price - The standard price for a message is 15 New Sovereigns but can change in limited occasions such as in economic recessions (in which the price goes down) or in economic prosperity (in which the price goes up). This has limited scope and can’t be increased to be extortionate or decreased to the point the service is unsustainable.
  • Uniform Standards - This relates to what the standard of uniform should be such as the colour of the uniform and how it is worn as well as what items are worn when. Apart from the obvious of don’t wear the cloak in Summer it details what the starting shift temperature dictates what should be worn, for example, a day starting temperature is below 10C (50F), then the cloak is worn. This also includes if it is windy as a temperature of 10C (50F) in wind will feel like 8C (46.40F) and if you include rain it will be lower still.
  • Uniform costs and ethics - This covers obvious things like how much the uniform should cost. Ethics are things like when an employee or the Captain of the Messengers should pay for a uniform, for example when an employee wants a second set of uniforms, this clause will say whether or not the employee should pay for it.
  • Working hours - This includes the working hours based on age and what type of messenger. For a Messenger that can be seen on the streets of Birdencaster will have longer hours than those who are working in the Captain of the Messengers Office doing administration. Those who are the external messengers or the Captain of the Messengers will have similar hours. Working hours tend to be 8am - 5pm or 7pm for messengers, 7am - 7:30pm for Captains and External messengers can work longer than the Captains.
  • Delivery - For this section, the book has in italics “for pricing see Message Price”. This section deals with Delivery, these policies include the most famous rule of conduct to deliver a message to the closest Zone and Segment if the message is not for the Zone and Segment they are allocated to. The standard code of conduct changes if the messenger reports to an Office in Zone 2 Segment 10 their code of conduct has a slight change in which the line “Our Customers pay 15 New Sovereigns for every message including replies, no matter how far we have to carry it, so go fast.” gets a slight edit to the end which is “if you delivering the Mayor's Letter ensure you go differing routes.
  • Reporting Structure and Customer Service - This includes things such as the messenger reports to the captain.
  • And many more

Customer Service

This section of Clauses are about customer service while there are more many of them are common customer complaints.  
  • Opening times - This policy is that customers who visit the Office, are to only visit after 8:20 am for their safety as there will have a volume of foot traffic at 8 am but will see the captain only.
  • Complaint hierarchy - This policy is about who should be seen by the customer. In the unlikely occurrence that both captains are not in then, the trainee captain will take charge and note down complaints, if this is not the case then the bottoms out case is for the most senior messenger to take complaints.

Publication Status

The book is published and can be found on the bottom floor of the Captain of the Messengers Office on the captain of the messenger’s Desk.   In the past, the Manual had many revised editions as it needed to be made more clear how to run the service and deal with complaints as well as making additions to issues that came up. As these have been cleared up the book no longer has revised editions but may have reprinted editions to replace old or worn-out books.

Public Reaction

General Public’s Reaction

The public reaction to the Manual is that they are in safe hands that any issue that the service gas will be resolved more easily and that they are in safe hands.

Employee’s Reaction

While it is only the Captain of the Messengers who looks up enteries in the book and shows the entry to the Messenger for honesty and clarity, the manual garners structure and stability.
Instructional Legalistic Manual
Cloth Bound Paper Paged Book
A4 and 7 cm thick
Parent Location
Captain of the Messengers Office
Affiliated Organisation
Messenger Service.

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