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Messenger Service : Uniform

The Messenger Service Uniform is worn by those who work for the Messenger Service within the City of Birdencaster.


The Purpose of the uniform is to look striking among the crowds of people to be identified by potential customers. The Messengers can carry messages across Birdencaster.   One of the most striking parts of the summer uniform is the red polo shirt, with matching epaulettes. As red is an uncommon colour to wear it makes it easier to be seen.   To ensure the Messenger is not confused with anyone else, they and the Captain of the Messengers wear a brass penannular brooch as a badge identifying them.   Leather boots are worn as they will be running through the streets of Birdencaster.  

(left) Captain of the Messengers. (right) Messenger. by James Woodwright


The colour of the Uniform dates back to the postal service of the UK in the Old World. This service, called The Royal Mail, used red and gold as their primary branding colours which were easily recognised. The red of the uniform dates back to this style of dress. The managers of The Royal Mail used to wear grey uniforms, and such a colour distinction was kept for the uniform of the Captain of the Messengers. However, this is limited to having epaulettes of a different colour while the rest of the uniform is the same red as for the rest of the Messengers. The grey was also darkened to black to look better on the uniform.   Both uniforms are supplied to the Captain and the Messengers. The cost of the uniforms is taken out of total messages that have been sent throughout Birdencaster and not the wages of the Messengers or Captain.  

Position Colouring

There are two positions within the Messenger Service, Messenger and Captain of the Messengers. There is one slight difference in their uniforms; the Captain is the one with the black epaulettes, denoting the higher rank.


by James Woodwright
Messengers on their way to their stations carry a lockbox that is made of metal with a slot on top to insert funds. The lockbox is a cuboid that measures 10cm (3.94 inches) tall, 10cm deep and 14cm (5.51 inches) long. Since the lockbox is carried it is less likely to be seen while in winter because of the cloak they wear. The lockbox itself is locked, contains New Sovereigns, and can’t be opened by the Messenger themselves so the exact change has to be given to deliver the message.


by James Woodwright
In winter the uniform changes for the Messengers only. In which the Messenger wears a red cloak [image right] that can look like a blanket denoting that they are a Messenger. They wear the cloak over a shirt that is not part of their uniform, as it is the cloak and not the shirt that denotes that they are a Messenger. Captains do not wear the cloak as they can be found inside in the Captain of the Messengers Office. The penannular brooch [image left] is used as a fastener rather than a badge in the winter months.   As part of the changes to the winter version of the uniform, the boots are lined with sheepskin to keep the feet warm while waiting at their station.
Clothing Type

Weight and Cost
Item of Uniform Weight Cost in NS
Polo shirt 226.80g (8 oz) 865 NS
Belt 181.00g (6.38 oz) 375 NS
Cargo Trousers 453.60g (1 lb) 2240 NS
Boots 340.20g (12 oz) 4120NS
Penannular Brooch 15.00g (0.53oz) 1105 NS
Complete Uniform 1.217kg (2lbs 10.91oz) 4120 NS

Cloak 182g (6.42oz) 1860 NS

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Inspiration for this profession and uniform, with some edits, was taken from the City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.


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