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Fur Elise: Retter's version

Known as Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor was thought to be written by a German pianist Ludwig Van Beethoven and composed on April 27, 1810. Many theories say that Beethoven wrote the song for a student named either Elise or Therese, who wasn't very good at playing piano and wrote a simple song for her to play. Once discovering that she marrying someone else, Beethoven made the song harder to play. But what I told you the song was originally nearly impossible to play by anyone? The beginning of the song was inspired by a song Retter wrote, dedicated to his mother, as a birthday gift. The rest of the song was impossible to play by anyone else aside from Retter and his descendants. Not even the most talented pianist ever can make it through half of the song. Retter originally wanted to give his song a different but couldn't think of anything so he said "Fuck it" and wrote down Fur Elise, so people would know it was for his mother, Elise Roth.


A song that was written by Retter for his mother as a birthday gift.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Beethoven's version is famous and is a starter song for many piano students. Retter's version was kept private to him, his mother, and other members of the Discord family. Vladimir found the song and put it with the rest of Retter's stuff.

Historical Details


The song was written in 1737 in the Kingdom of Edenstone, on Rosenburg 2 years after the defeat of the Evil Queen, Edelmar Von Elden.


Retter wrote it for his mother, Elise Roth, five days before he was coronated, King of Edenstone by Ludwig Von Elden. It was a birthday gift for her.

Public Reaction

It wasn't released to the public, however, when Nyx and Luna saw the piece, they were confused as they had no idea about this version, which was released much earlier than Beethoven's song. Vladimir Legendere was also very confused when he discovered the song.
Manual, Musical
Authoring Date
October 27: 1737

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