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The Life Chronicle of Abedi Terik, the Dragon Emperor


I have long been fascinated by my ruler, the Emperor Abedi Terik. Much of his past is unknown to us and I’ve always felt there must be lessons to be learned from it. I assume most scholars have found the task of gathering this knowledge either an insurmountable obstacle or a daunting prospect and so have not attempted it. I alone, the greatest archivist and researcher the Empire has ever known, will achieve this goal. It will be my magnum opus.
-Emil Tark, Head Librarian at The Imperial Archive
  An unfinished book compiled and written in secret by Emil Tark, the head librarian of the imperial archive. He felt that a record of the life of the Emperor would be a prized volume in the future. He knew it would be an arduous task. The Emperor’s past is shrouded in mystery and falsehoods. What he didn’t realise was that was entirely on the orders of said Emperor.   He travelled up and down the kingdom, collecting stories and referring to records dating back many years. From these, he started to build up a framework of the monarch’s life. He spent close to two decades collecting and collating the information about the Emperor’s life before agents of the Pyronate discovered it.   They confiscated his unfinished manuscript and locked him in one of the deeper dungeons under the Imperial Palace to await the Emperor’s pleasure.   The manuscript itself now lies within the Emperor’s personal library, accessible only by him and his closest ministers.

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