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Lady Grayish Progress Report

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Prophetic Energy

474 words


434 words

Ponairean Seolta

238 words

King's Seat

55 words

Nachran's Bridge

122 words


61 words

Mapvember 2021

468 words

Hall of Light

172 words

Clan Mistbreath

220 words

Clan Stormguard

201 words

Clan Cloudphage

290 words

Clan Floodstride

171 words

Clan Leafmire

244 words

Clan Steelheart

151 words

Clan Burnwallop

122 words

Clan Firefray

211 words

Castle Failbhist

90 words

Dead Walk Inn

101 words

The Floof

191 words

Lanachrei Port

100 words

Land Biscuits

173 words

Aite Anslok

95 words

Brave the Stone

176 words

Varaseno Bay

129 words

Tohitec Medical

187 words

Vatisas Bush

176 words

Fate Wheel

221 words

Drachan Taverna

190 words

Rocket Ram

783 words

Duke Eccentric

842 words


455 words

Wedding Brawl

605 words

Deorma: An Annotated History

445 words

Mountain Tea

481 words

Blaze of Glory

477 words

Traveler's Aegis

423 words

Lady Grayish Progress so far

13489 words 134.89% completed!

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Hi! I never know what to put in this section. I'm excited to be here on World Anvil, crafting worlds, getting to see all the things other people are creating.   Particularly dragons. I mean, I have other interests, but dragons are a recurring feature in most worlds. (Try Garruw for the dragons in this world)   I'm here to make the background for stories that excite, that comfort, that make you laugh and cry. (But probably mostly laugh.)

Latest Loved work

Secki Ducks

Boria on the Delta