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Blaze of Glory

"Deormic magic ain't like other magic, and the sooner you get that through your skull the sooner I can teach you how to blow stuff up."
— Gnargun Stormberg, of Clan Stormguard
  This particular spell is the source of a great deal of confusion where prophecies are concerned. The name usually causes people to translate said prophecies as someone dying in a fantastic last stand, when actually it just means they're meant to charge forward and blow something up in a very particular fashion. Fortunately, this particular confusion usually has more to do with Deorma than anywhere else, and the spell itself makes use of that particular variety of magic.


The spell causes a weapon held by the caster to be infused with a spectacular amount of energy that usually manifests as a blinding light and/or flame. This effect goes on to cover the caster as well, providing them with a protective glow that mostly defends from damage. The spell carries them through an attack capable of bringing down very powerful entities.

Side/Secondary Effects

Most casters are unclear about the exact side effects. They generally report a kind of adrenaline rush, which tracks with the amount of energy required. They also usually charge forward shouting war cries or some similar kind of thing, but since they're already in a battle, it's hard to say if this is normal battle charging or caused by the spell.   They also universally report finding themselves in rather awkward and precarious positions after the spell is done with.


Unlike most magic in the world, this spell draws from ambient magic and not from an enchanted object or from the user's own supply. This follows the usual Deormic style, which tends to be a bit more instinctual and subtle than other styles. The intent must be clear, but since the spell usually accompanies a prophecy fulfillment there's not much problem with that.
Material Components
The spellcaster must be holding a weapon of particular value. It can't just be any old weapon, but something important, to a prophecy or a person or any such thing. The type of weapon doesn't matter, but it's usually better if the caster is proficient in its use.
Related School
Related Element
Applied Restriction
This spell cannot be cast unless there is a high amount of ambient magic, which usually means either a magical college has had some kind of catastrophe or else a doomsday-level prophecy is being enacted. Prophetic Energy, while not specifically magic itself, does draw in large amounts of it in the right circumstances. If there is not sufficient magic in the atmosphere, the spell will simply not work, and the person attempting it will look exceedingly foolish.

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