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Mountain Tea

A prime export, comes from the Vatisas Bush in Deorma. Brewed in barrels, sent out for the delight of many. Despite what many people think, it is not an intoxicant.   The leaves of the bush make a bracing, if somewhat oaky, tea. It isn't until the leaves are properly processed that it gains the soothing qualities and spicy sweetness that Mountain Tea is known for. The drink is prepared by adding water to the Mountain Tea one has, about a cup of water to a quarter cup of mix, and drunk either hot or cold. Some people like to add alcohol but most insist that the tea is strong enough on its own.

Manufacturing process

The Bleef oil is used to prepare the cherry wood into casks for the tea, and left to sit and season for a very long time.   The tea itself is laid out to dry in the sun, and then powdered and mixed with some of the spices. The water that will be used is mixed with the silver and one type of fruit, then strained after a time. When both the tea and water are deemed ready, the water is boiled and the tea is steeped for exactly one hour. A kind of syrup, possibly including sugar, is added at this stage, as well as some mysterious white liquid that might be milk but also might not. The mixture is boiled down and thickened, and then left in the barrels for a month at least before being sold.


As the Vatisas Bush can only be found in the mountains of Deorma, the tea it brews can only be made by Clan Mistbreath, who live in those mountains.   The tea was discovered to be particularly good when brewed by this particular process and left to sit, and almost immediately the clan took control of the process and declared it to be theirs. Of course, they had to let the other clans in on it since they lacked several crucial ingredients (including a ready source of the wood needed for the appropriate barrels for aging the tea), so it became a country-wide affair, but most people are content to state that the recipe belongs to Mistbreath.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
The process is highly proprietary, so included are the elements known to be required, with the understanding that there are a number of ingredients not known.  
  • A portion of Bleef oil
  • Cherry wood
  • Vatisas leaves
  • Water
  • Silver
  • Cinnamon

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