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World Ember Homework 2021

Yes, I'm doing this last minute. I did think about it, I just didn't write it down. So I'm doing it all at once. I promise I've been thinking about it! It's just the submitting that is awkward.  

Week 1: The Pledge

  I pledge to write 10,000 words, and not more than 26,000 words because last year I did 50,000 and I just barely finished a few hours before midnight on December 31, so after what was a very difficult NaNoWriMo I'm taking it easy and only aiming for the minimum. If I really get on a roll, I'm allowed to push to the middle badge (hence 26k so that I have a little leeway for that) BUT NOT THE MAX!!   My goal is to write out the many many notes I made for my current novel on World Anvil because I had no time and limited internet connection when I did. Also whatever comes to mind. I'll also probably use the Mapvember prompts because I really wanted to do that and I didn't get to it at all so there's ideas.  

Week 2: The Prompts

  I'm using the Mapvember prompts to get started but I don't need prompts I just need to organize my thoughts about my characters. Except for Glenna Stormraven because she won't count for World Ember so I'll just copy-paste that.  

Week 3: The Pictures

  I'm using a Pinterest board for my world because I'm bad about finding pictures for my articles and worse about remembering to use them, but I love using them for inspiration.  

Week 4: The Public

  We'll see. If this month goes better than I expect, I might expand and do more, but right now the plan is to do the bare minimum. I'll pick my absolute favorite to share on the World Anvil public stream. Five get to go up on Discord, and with that goes reading all the ones that are posted in those threads around the same time as mine. Reciprocity! A few of my favorites might go up on Twitter, but I'll need to practice my hashtags, and again, reciprocity!

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