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Assignment Case #221 1907

Crooked Mile Circle Investigation

Crooked Mile Circle Investigation by Ruby O'Degee w/Midjourney

Astrolabes, Investigators and Grimoires

A 1907 Village going through a technological metamorphosis. Horse and buggys being replaced by gasoline powered automobiles, oil lamps being shoved out of homes and relit with electric lightbulbs, dirt roads being graveled and paved, trains and tunnels moving commuters from an isolated world into a 20th century city everyday, back and forth. All of the choices making it difficult to believe in arcane magick that once answered every inquiry and science that requires testing, accuracy and truth. While some folks are gleeful about the change, others prefer the autocratic ways of ancient times. The flare is thinning and the bleed is running over.

The Manor House Mystery is a five chapter Black Ichor Scenario. It begins with an Independence Day Celebration that turns into a community disaster. A mid-morning auction concludes with a stampede of horses and Crooked Mile residents. Five Ways later, the mystery’s end results from player character’s investigative hard work. Not only are suspects found along with their motivations, but so are the phenomena that afflict the valley and its inhabitants.   Each chapter is its own episode that includes a beginning, the investigation of an assigned quest, and a satisfying denouement. Since it’s a narrative adventure that requires players to interview non-player characters and examine artifacts to find reasonable answers, their choices and options about what and where to go are built into the stories. Various options are offered and dice rolls are requested only when necessary to move the stories along. It is a given that the player characters investigators (storytellers) are able to resolve that issues that face them.   What is learned during the first chapter is recorded and carried into the next adventure Player characters decide to probe. The Lightkeeper and the characters can play/write one or all five chapters that each last approximately four hours or however long the party chooses “until next time.”

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The Crooked Mile Circle
Crooked Mile Circle
Crooked Mile Circle by ROD w/Midjourney
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