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mirescosmo's WorldEmber 2021
47 of 23 prompts completed

mirescosmo Progress Report


Individuals who can sense arcana but not use it

803 words


An orvon soldier in the BC army.

1110 words

Evander Balassar

Lord and heir to House Balassar, and the main catalyst behind the revolution.

333 words


199 words


463 words

Blood Arcanist

72 words

Houses of Dignity

An arguably biased primer on Beourjen aristocracy.

318 words

Taeganaire Val'Eax

152 words

Illyria Baskle

259 words

Ryven Bekkerd

Lead hydro-engineer at Brickard and POV character

331 words

Leski Corver

539 words

Garrett Corver

32 words

The Dreamweaver

228 words

The First Light

748 words


138 words


86 words


890 words


73 words

Ruskov Marnise

1107 words

Jamie Corrigan

181 words


Beourjen province directly south of Beourjen City

70 words

Jezen Veskev

525 words


407 words

Inigo Alaniss

159 words

Annais Catholden

124 words

The Lottery

183 words

The Rusalken

252 words

Forged in Blood: A Tale of the Crossing and Crusades

Considered to be the strongest first-hand account of the crusade along the Blood Route

338 words

The Blood Route

The main road that runs between Ethaeras Capitol and Aveaas

255 words


106 words


Third largest city in the globe and the free trade capital of the world

167 words


482 words

Key Dawston

106 words

Fjornin Balassar

108 words

Delila Leidevelt

237 words

Daveer Leidevelt

104 words

Saoirse Raughdon

121 words

Vallen Raughdon

169 words

Pyramisic Church

134 words

mirescosmo Progress so far

12569 words 125.69% completed!

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I'm a grad student, also reading and writing fantasy in my spare time. I'm also fairly reserved, so feel free to say hi!

Favorite Writers

Joe Abercrombie, Anthony Ryan, Thomas Hardy, Jen Williams, Glen Cook, Libba Bray, Poe, Kentaro Miura

Favorite Games

Skyrim, Dragon Age, Darkest Dungeon, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Rimworld, Crusader Kings