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Evander Balassar

Lord Evander Balassar

Evander is the rightful heir to House Balassar and is the captain of the the Rusalken. He plays an intregral role in the Beourjen City Revolution due to both his personal and professional relations.



Evander began training in the Beourjen Army at age seven, and was recruited to the Rusalken scouting company at eleven. He took the position of captain of the company at thirteen, and recruited Astervitch as his lieutenant captain despite pushback from both the Triadic Councils and his father.

Ferren Downs

In 1546, the Rusalken was captured by a group of men belonging to Michel Torniet and the company was slaughtered in an attack from a storm arcanist that had been working with Torniet. Evander and Astervitch were brought to Ferren Downs, while Key Dawston was able to escape and return to Beourjen City.


Evander is both clever and personable, and while he can be arrogant at times, he generally tries to avoid coming off as such. He's incredibly attentive, both in his general surroundings and in conversations with others, and he prides himself on being able to pick up on things that others might not.

As the series progresses, Evander also matures somewhat out of that boyish arrogance, and he becomes more serious as he takes on a more pivotal position in the revolution and inadvertantly puts both himself and those he loves in danger.
Date of Birth
12 Plasphaer
Year of Birth
1530 24 Years old

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