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Ryven Bekkerd

Doctor Ryven Bekkerd

Ryven pulled at the lapels of his coat, almost shoulder-to-shoulder with Ast as they walked. It was not that it was dangerous, or that he had anything to fear. No. Ryven, despite having come from the reservations the same as any other orvon at Brickard and being subjected to the same verbal trash that his peers spewed, had somehow developed an aristocratic schoolboy’s sense of propriety. He didn’t like public displays of sex, nor the lottery. He didn’t like the lewd fights that broke out on the dirt outside at Brickard and he didn’t really like the pits either, though he’d never said it to Ast.
Ryven is the lead hydro-engineer at Fort Brickard, and Lennik Balassar's apprentice and heir. Through inheritance, he is one of the richest men in The Beourjen Confederacy and plays a major role in the development of the Beourjen City Revolution because of this.


Ryven is a bit of a loner, and prefers his work and intellect to people and conversations. He's incredibly smart and well aware of it, but he also doesn't gloat on the fact and instead exerts his superiority by doing things as oppose to talking about them.
He's often incredibly thoughtful and generous, though he's simultaneously calculated about it. Near the beginning of the trilogy he pays for Leski's medical bills while at Brickard, but he's doing it from a completely logical standpoint and this is how he goes about most of his decisions—they're selfless but also thought through, mainly because Ryven is a simple soldier who's ended up with unprecendented money and power.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
1526 28 Years old

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