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A Lowly Maintainer's Letter

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A letter sent to Op Etru from her lover Ed Obla.


It was written by Obla for the first anniversary of the day when he and Etru met, about two weeks after an attack on the university had prompted her family to acquire a shelter in the Ralenlos Mountains and prepare for moving there. Knowing that he would not be welcome among her relatives, Obla instead suggested that the two of them might find a safe place elsewhere. Some lines could even be taken to imply that he wanted to cross the border and seek refuge in enemy territory.

Historical Details


This letter was written during the Final War which concluded the long-standing conflict between the Rilanga Union and the Ran-E-Zu Confederation.   Both the author and the addressee lived in the nation of Leokolriz which remained neutral through most of said conflict but eventually joined forces with the Rilanga Union in the year 18 NZR. Even before that alliance, a considerable number of wealthy Rilanga families had been living in Leokolriz while people of Ran-E-Zu ancestry were rare.


Obla and Etru met in the spring of 2 NZR when the Final War had already been raging for two and a half years. He was working as an apprentice maintainer at the University of Kiv Mingumisel where she was already studying for an advanced degree in psychology.   He was repairing the electric wires for the lights in the library building when Etru tripped over his toolbox. After helping her up, he offered to invite her to lunch as an apology for leaving it in the way.   Etru soon realized that her family would not approve of this relationship. Her father came from a family of academics, artists and other mental workers, and therefore considered maintainers below their standard. At the same time, the fact that Obla's grandmother had been a Ran-E-Zu was not going to sit well with the conservative mindset of her grandparents and her brother.   Consequently, they kept meeting in secret. However, when the main auditorium hall was destroyed and the university was closed down, meeting there was no longer an option. They turned to communicating via letters and Obla learned that Etru's family was preparing to leave for a shelter in the mountains.   Etru took his letters with her to the shelter, but kept them well hidden. This one letter was especially dangerous to the relationship with her family, due to the implications that she considered not only leaving them for a lowly maintainer, but going as far as defecting to the enemy.

Public Reaction

The love letter was likely to change Etru's standing in the family for the worse. Although she had clearly made the decision to stay with her family, Obla's suggestions had the potential to raise questions about her loyalty.


Long after the Final War, this letter found its way into the Denfa Sasmi Museum as a testament to the personal tragedies hidden within the global catastrophe.
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Authoring Date
1 NZR, Uvonoma 12

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Author's Notes

Whew, this was a tricky one - I had to find a proper balance between the modern-day perspective and the one for the Nonfi Nis game, without revealing the actual consequences of a family member finding this letter. Did it work?   I'll probably add the content of the letter later, but I have no idea how that would be counted towards WorldEmber so I'll focus on finishing the pledged articles first.   -----
Update August 8th, 2022: I have added the letter's content and translated it to Rilangun!

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