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The beacon calendar

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"The beacons of air and poison have granted the atmosphere a few days ago their arcane energy lighting up the sky.
Now the heaven is tinted orange, and that will stay as such until the next eruption in exactly one month.
That means we have the first month of the year; it is the time of the first harvest.

Native explaining Dross the seasons

Squa'osa does not comply with the rest of the world sharing the same seasons. Captured in a bubble of primal Veil atmosphere, the archipelago hosts not only the most unique and reality-defying miracles but lives in its very own ecosystem with multiply burning hot summers, a long autumn, and even a month of absolute darkness.


The beacon calendar got created to find a constant in the twisted acts of the Veil, trying to keep track of the year in a location, that has no traditional seasons. The only thing that happens regularly is the Veil eruption of the nine largest mountains of the island group tainting the sky in a different colour each month causing always the very same consequences the people have to build their life around.
"Mont Amata is soon beaming out?
It has been already one year since the last fire month?
I better move from my wooden shack into the cool caves of Mont Zex'terr.

Where the beacons are located
The Squa'osa Archipelago
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth

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Dec 6, 2021 19:56

Interesting idea! Is it by any chance known why these eruptions are so regular?

Feel free to check my new world Terra Occidentalis if you want to see what I am up to!
Dec 6, 2021 20:24 by Soulwing

There are. You see, such Events once happened rarely all over the world when the primal Veil (the arcane atmosphere) still covered it all. But now that the primal variant is so concentrated on one single archipelago (as well as the south-pole Sepernius), these eruptions of primal energy the planet has to do to keep the Veil stable are happening regulary with a stable occurrence.   To not distort that ecosystem is it forbidden to try to populate the islands with modern methods, it might destroy the last bastion of that rare occurrence.   One of the most know effects of the primal veil is that it’s arcane influence allows incompatible species and even Arcadian species to start a family giving birth to arcane hybrids.

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