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Twinspire peak

"Res'pique over to our left is one of the larger isles of the archipelago.
Please focus your vision now towards the centre of the jungle isle.
The Twinspire peak is a singular mountain massive that splits somewhere in its most upper third into two mountains with an ominous gap in-between.
From here, however, we are sadly unable to witness the spectacle happening between those half-mountain tips."

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The Twinspire peak is a giant barren mountain massive with a 2 km gap between the two largest tips located from northeast to southwest.
By itself, the mountain is not very spectacular despite how odd the canyon dividing the tips looks. As if somebody cut the tip in half and squeezed them apart.
The Twinspire peak is with 1180 m one of the largest mountains of the archipelago and therefore quite popular for locals to live at its foothills in harmony with nature.
"Sometimes we just wanna escape the city life on the coasts and enjoy a bit the solitude here next to the beacon.
It helps to find our midst again recharging our batteries."

A Wildcat - Automaton couple

Localized Phenomena

The Twinspire is one of the many ways of nature in Squ'aosa to catalyse the abundant amounts of primal Veil ligaments. The concentration of the Veil of Autumn piques so high, that the whole island channels its abundant amounts into the best possible location on its highest point: In between the two peaks of the mountain.
In the evening hours are the peaks illuminated in an ominous green glow with its concentration at its highest at the remote location in the middle of the canyon between the tops.
A beautiful spectacle will happen regularly two times in a year: The concentration of the Veil has gotten so strong, that the mountain radiates for a few hours a solid beacon of green light into outer space.
Other mountains of Squa'osa undergo similar phenomena, which lead eventually to the creation of a calendar based around the beacons.
"We will meet again when the sky is illuminated in green and red.
I think that is enough time for concluding our project.
After all, we are only in the blue and green season so ... roughly 8 months?
I have gotten that right, have I?"

The Squa'osa Archipelago
Alternative Name(s)
Earth's beacon
Mountain / Hill
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"The Twinspire is about to erupt. At that exact moment could I absorb enough energy to permanently change the gravity of our ship. We could travel through the sky without any technology necessary!"


Brave or foolish sorcerers have tried to harness the beacons of Squa'osa to cast spells of unimaginable magnitude, but only the most compassionate even pulled it through and survived being briefly a being of pure arcane energy.
The mortality rate of this risky way to experience absolute power is 90%.

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