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Tome of the Spider Queen

A religious book written by Lloth for the people she created: the drow. It is now the foundational text of Llothism.

Document Structure


  • Stories of Lloth's divinity (as written by Lloth)
  • How to organize the Drow Monarchy and what powers it should hold
  • How to organize the Lloth Temple and what powers it should hold
  • Commandments for the perfect drow

Historical Details


Lloth wrote this document when she realized that she wouldn't be able to directly control the drow anymore, as the border between the celestial and material planes became harder to traverse. She wanted to leave them with orders on how to organize their society to make it as perfect as she envisioned.

Public Reaction

According to the somewhat exaggerated account of how this Tome was passed to the drow starts with Lloth making a public announcement of her waning presence in the Material Realm. The drow who heard this fell immediately into despair, crying out for their goddess and begging her to stay.   It was then that Lloth presented the Tome of the Spider Queen to her beloved creations, saying that this book would guide them long after she could no longer be physically present with them. She told them to always hold strictly to its tenants and if they did, they would be the most powerful, perfect race in all the realms.    As the high priestess took the Tome from Lloth, the other drow wept with joy and vowed to remember Lloth's words and keep them holy forever.


Without the Tome of the Spider Queen, Lloth certainly would have lost influence over her people long ago.  While most drow outside of the priesthood don't implement Lloth's commandments in their every day life, the Tome is still regarded by as a holy document and the main mechanisms of drow society are organized around it. Every drow child is taught to read using the Tome and every drow household has at least one copy.   There has been some efforts to move away from strict adherence to the Tome in drow government, but these have so far succeeded only in discarding some of the most outdated and arbitrary rules. The Lloth Temple's power, especially its control of education, has ensured that most drow would be extremely uncomfortable if the government deviated from any of the fundamental principles in the Tome.
Text, Religious
Authoring Date
2043 BT
Expiration Date
None, still in effect today


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