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Statement of Compliance


In the year 34,564Rs the Outriggers were formed. The Statement of Compliance is the formative document which invests the Outriggers with their authority through the Gle'lanèrino as one of the instruments of Her Will.  
The original of this document resides in The First Citadel in the archives as a Realm artifact. Copies, in various formats, are found throughout the various cities of the Glaze, and in Virr-La there is a replica that is practically identical on display in the O'dan.   Many scholars have studied the decades before the signing of the Statement of Compliance due to their extreme nature. Between the years of 34,312Rs and 34,564Rs the living conditions within the Gle'lanèrino for Realm citizens deteriorated so greatly, that other regions were experiencing unacceptable immigration.
Several varied intervention attempts were made, beginning at the local levels supported by the Medicaments and the Paragons, but it was evident as the years progressed that a kind and gentle approach in addressing the issues and person's supporting continued conflict across economic, political and eventually para-military domains was not having success. Economic and polidical divergence amongest civilan leadership was rampant and now culturally normative.   Scholars have commented that this time period is of particular note, because it clearly highlights how much love the Devouring Mother has for Her Citizens, as the Realm fosters a great amount of creativity, ingenuity and drive to prosper, but as always, without Her Wisdom, such qualities can quickly become Divergent. Which of course is unacceptable and merely leads to deficits for everyone that are often beyond a citizen's capacity to understand until properly examined by the Medicaments or Her Will becomes involved to correct such mistakes.   Records officially note that 784 civil leaders were corrected prior to the signing of the Statement of Compliance. These notable civil leaders are respected for their sacrifice and re-affirmation, as during their authority, some 230,000 Citizens suffered unnecessary destitutions and depreciations.


The Statement of Compliance had the singular purpose of ending the civil conflicts between the various settlements of the Glaze. In the majority of circumstances the Devouring Mother does not intervene in regional politics, but at this time in the history of the Glaze, the situation for citizens of the Realm required direct intervention.   In less then 24hours, the civil leaders that were determined to be key elements in the escalation and continuation of the regional disruption where corrected in appropriate ways, and suitable leaders, who were more respectful of Her Will, were placed into their positions of authority.   18hrs later the Statement of Compliance was signed, by every civil authority of the Glaze, and the Outrigger organization was created and empowered to:     " Provide the means through which citizens of Gle'lanèrino may enjoy peace, safety and mutual prosperity without worry of threat or danger from the wilds or wilderness of the Gle'lanèrino, by providing trained and expert personnel in service of the Realm's citizens."

Document Structure


The Statement of Compliance has three major sections:   1: The Statement of Compliance - where the full statement informing those signatories of Her Will is written.   2: Empowerment of Outriggers - this is a short section where the Outriggers are created and empowered as an instrument of Her Will. This section ends with the statement defining the authority of the Outriggers.   3: Signatories - this section is a list of each signatory of the Statement of Compliance, and the pledge to maintain the Statement of Compliance under penalty of lineage death.
"The manners in which the various civil leaders were corrected were varied and unique to each leader. Not every instance of correction was recorded for archival purposes, but a significant sample were recorded due to the skill and sagacity of our Brotherhood. Of these many corrective manners, some were definitive while others were more subtle.      Consider that many were simply induced to Faid while some where quietly encouraged to relocate their homes and livelihood to regions more in alignment with Her Will.      In each case, it can not be doubted that while Her Will was eminent, Her Love was also present and felt. This a good lessen for those citizens who may feel a distance from Her Love. Let us discuss how we may use this for instruction."     Taint Master Tee'ars-Edding, Instruction to 2nd Classmen.
Authoring Date
17th Gaulk-ta 34,564Rs
Ratification Date
17th Gaulk-ta 34,564Rs


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