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Citadel of Grass

There is no grass in the O'dan.   The O'dan is a city block in the city of Virr-La. It has been there for thousands of years and grows as the city grows. It is the physical stronghold of the Outriggers. It is an administrative centre, training facility, fortress, and town within Virr-La, for like all structures in the Glaze, there is more below the sight line there there is above.   What is the O'dan?   It is a street.   It is a city block.   It is buildings.   It is an economic hub.   It is the fortress of the Outriggers.   It is home to thousands.    It is the a cherished place of significant heritage to the Realm.   It is is the O'dan.    
The surface structures on O'dan street are all publicly accessible. They are the main public administrative buildings and the only structures of the O'dan that the general population is permitted to enter. Medicaments have on record that these section of the O'dan consists of some 45 buildings and structures dedicated to the organization of the Outrigger's public business, caravanning, exploration and maintenance projects. 15 of the buildings are dedicated to public business were citizens commonly go to contract Outriggers and their services. 15 of the buildings are dedicated to the organization and support of the various caravans that move out and to Virr-La. 10 of these buildings or structures provide support for those Outriggers who have the responsibility of exploration and recovery. And, the remaining 5 buildings are dedicated to the needed work of patrolling and maintaining the Realm's roads through the Iron Sea.   Access to the areas below O'dan street are only permitted if you are an Outrigger, a Paragon, a member of the Brotherhood Medicament or an empowered instrument of Her Will. Attempts to access Lower O'dan street are met with gentle reminders by the Outriggers. Never has anything more then a gentle reminder been needed to redirect the curious or the lost.   It should be noted that there are no stairs or obvious ways to access Lower O'dan.

Purpose / Function

O'dan is the central hub of the Outrigger organization.


Through the years various sections of the O'dan have been torn down, rebuild, modernized or converted. Newer buildings are added as needed and construction/renovation tends to follow a ripple pattern originating from the outer edges of the city block to its centre.    It is generally accepted by the Citizenry that like every other neighbourhood of Virr'la the majority of renovation and additions happen below the sight line. Further, there is little curiosity on Citizen's part to know what the Lower O'dan is like as it is accepted that it's just there and of no real signficance.


O'dan follows the general architectural style as Virr-La; adobe structures with a low profile. The O'dan also uses a general colour scheme to assist in way finding for the general public. This means that all the buildings of a particular type will be a similar colour and the more important buildings will be of deeper saturation. Traditionally, those buildings in support of Exploration are red tinted, and the building where Citizens bring their concerns around lost family or friends is a deep red, in contrast to the buildings associated with deploying Outrigger teams for exploration which is typically a muted grey-red.


It is commonly known that the defence of the O'dan is the shared responsibility of the Outriggers and the Civil Defence Forces of Virr-La. Emergency drills are held to maintain a high level of proficiency of the defence forces, and to ensure that procedures and equipment still perform as required. A drill has the following phases:   Assessment and Threat Determination.   Assembly or Evacuation of Personal/Civilians.   Deployment and Support.   Recovery and Alter-action Review.     Once a threat is assessed then the process becomes more specific and more proactive in response. The majority of emergencies from which the O'dan must be defended against are typically environmental in nature; extreme weather, shifts in migratory routes, or some such. Emergencies of these nature also, naturally, threaten the city of Virr-La in general, so the relationship between the civil authorities and the Outriggers is beneficial and important to both groups.


There is an active tourism economy surrouding the O'dan. Tourists pass through the O'dan daily to see the buildings and to learn about the Outriggers. Even professional Tourists of P.A.T. visit the O'dan regularly to further their understanding of the "Why."   Stalls, street vendors and curio-shops are not allowed in the O'dan, but on its edges and surround they are prolific. So, dense are these opportunities to 'take home a piece of O'dan' that the Outriggers quickly established clear, wide and no-merchant paths into and out of the O'dan for themselves and for those people who have serious business with the Outriggers.   
" Oi! Come on! You know you want a vial of sand, or a brick from the O'dan! These are right from he most recent reclamation and renovation projects of the Carvannar's buildings! Support your local industry! Show your support for the Outriggers! Here! You... You look like a descerning individual. What I have here is for certified genuine sands from the Lower O'dan. That's right ... smuggled up by a close relative, who knows an Outrigger wiling to help a family man with seven kids.... only three Gold Realm coins! ... Did I say three, I meant two.... no 1!! One Realm coin."   Gra'ti DiShim, Human Merchant.
"Certainly there is no grass in the O'dan. It's in the middle of Virr-La which is the heart of Gle'lanèrino. Of all of the places that is the Iron Sea, the O'dan is its centre. From the O'dan all roots extend, and all grass grows. We always know where the O'dan is, and it alway's knows were we are."   Nirria Hes'hris, Outrigger. O'dan Administrator. 
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