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The Outriggers

" I believe that you have a good life here. That the Devouring Mother cares for us. That we all end up in the Glaze when we die. I believe that my brothers and I have a higher calling, and that, my friend, is to keep you alive, wealthy, healthy and ... perhaps happy. And, at night... with a clear sky, the grass whispers secrets....
- saursaurraahhh saursauraahhh saursauraahhh -
like a beating heart as the wind passes through. What more does a man need? Now finish your drink and rest easy. Let the grass lull you to sleep."   Barthon Ilisk, Outrigger Scout.

  In Gle'lanèrino there are the Outriggers. This organization of people is dedicated to maintaining safety and Her Will throughout the Glaze. They are expert travellers through the Glaze, and any citizen who values their safety and cargo will travel with one of the Outrigger caravans that nagivgate the roads through the Iron Sea. The historic records of the Medicaments clearly demonstrate that a citizen's life and wealth are more likely to continue and prosper when assisted by Outriggers.   While some Outriggers may have a surly temperament and some Outriggers may be terse or rude, the majority have a gracious and kind demeanour. They are quick to provide assistance and aid, and quick to avoid confrontation with wit or through diplomacy. This has made the Outriggers greatly favoured by almost all of the citizens in the Glaze. Rarely are ill words spoken of them, and rarely is aid or assistance denied them when asked.   Outriggers all have the same sense of style: Practical. Regardless of their position in the organization or in the general society of the Realm, Outriggers always dress practically. They wear colours that currently match the season of the Glaze. They wear footwear that is protective and durable. Skirts, when worn, are of thick protective materials and are either cut short, or slit at multiple places to allow freedom of movement. Jackets and various tops almost always have pockets that seal and are most likely water proof. Similarly with trousers. And, Outriggers wear accessories as needed regardless of current societal gendered role expectation or current 'acceptable' fashion.     Outriggers can be of any race. Any person can apply to join their organization. The training is known to be rigourous and long (15 months), and completion does not guarantee acceptance into the organization. On average one in every 1000 applicants is accepted. Medicaments statistics show that each year some 200 applicants are accepted.   It is not commonly known what traits will make a successful applicant to the organization, but the large majority are native born to Gle'lanèrino.


The Outriggers are dedicated to the Realm. They view all of the Realm's Citizens in the Glaze as persons whom they must protect. They also view them as mostly incompetent.   They are a group who are comfortable as long as they are in the Glaze. Even the most inexperienced Outrigger is confident in the Glaze, the grass, a city or town, it's all Glaze for an Outrigger.   While they socialize with others, they do not integrate. They always remain separate from, because they are always Outriggers. When asked what they believe many will say something like this:

" It's time to get to some sleep. We leave at the blue light of pre-dawn. Been up at pre-dawn before? No? .. Well, then it's definitely time to sleep."

Public Agenda

To provide safety, security and succour to those who live or travel within Gle'lanèrino.


The assets of the Outriggers are expansive within the Gle'lanèrino. Each town has an office staffed by Outriggers and their logistics support. Major towns will often have a block or two dedicated to the the Outriggers and their support. In Virr-La the O'dan is located.     As one of the oldest and most respected organizations in the Realm, The Outriggers have amassed wealth in both monetary, and social capital; hard (known polictical favours) and soft (unspoken favours) capital. Citizens have come to rely heavily on the Outriggers to maintain the economic and social infrastructure required to maintain a high-civilization in the wilds of the Iron Sea. Travelling through the Gle'lanèrino can be done on the main roads, which are maintained with the help of the Outriggers, but travelling on the smaller or more remote routes becomes exceedingly risky.     Outriggers have their personal equipment. Resources accessible to the local office, and in times of emergency they have access to the resources of the municiple governments, the Brotherhood and to some extend the Paragons.


The history of the Outriggers is lost.   Oral traditions amongst the Outriggers claim that their organization began over 40,000 years ago just after the Four Generation Fire which destroyed the Glaze. However, there are no records to support this claim. The records held by the Medicaments indicate that the Outriggers were formed in the year 34,564Rs when the Statement of Compliance was enforced by the Paragon Order.     There have been attempts through history by the Medicament Brotherhood to correct the inaccuracy of the oral tradition, but the Devouring Mother has not seen fit to direct Her Will towards the task. Many speculate that because the inaccuracy adds to the authority and strangeness of the Outriggers and by extension Her Authority, She allows such to continue.     For the last 20,000 years the Outriggers have maintained the safety of Her citizens and implemented Her Will through the Glaze, and no other organization has risen to take its place. Or, as the Outriggers say:    
" The Glaze devours those who do not understand it. It is not the Iron Sea because of how it looks. It is the Iron Sea because of all those who have died attempting to conquer it. Go in there alone, but ask yourself how much blood are you will to give it"   Bei'lak Gritt, Orc Outrigger Scout.

What is found in the Glaze, remains in the Glaze.

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9 Jan, 2022 17:48

You actually got me thinking about caravans for some reasons quite heavily, which is a good thing because I noticed I might be missing these.   Quite easy to read, that article. It just flew by - in a good way.

„You are so blinded by the present that you cannot be enlightened by the future.”
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Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. I try to make my articles as - friendly - as possible. I'm hoping to avoid that 'textbook' tone and style. Carvans are very interesting to me as well. They limit and shape the known spaces that a group of people understand. They also concentrate power and authority, which is a key theme in Az-Atla.