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The Medicaments are an order dedicated to the care of those who have suffered a grave illness or injury, and those who have broken the Law and have been sentenced to be punished. They are a selfless people of all races.
They serve the Realm by sheltering and caring for those who have given too much of their Breath to another.
In the case of those who suffer gravely, they can choose to give their breath to the Medicaments and assume the Faid until such time as the Medicaments discover a way to heal or cure their illness.
In the case of those who break the Law and have punishment imposed upon them, one of the punishments can be to endure the Faid for a time. At then end of the that time, the Medicaments will petition the offender’s community to see if any will give the offender Ee-Loque to awaken them. If there are none who desire to recover the offender, then the Medicaments will take them into their care until such time as they can give the offender Ee-Loque . Some of the Reborn choose to join the order, some are able to return to their lives, and some begin again.

Public Agenda

Medicaments want to help.   They are an organization dedicated to helping those who are ill sick in poverty or who have undergone the fade for various reasons.   They offer their services freely or in exchange for volunteer work. They maintain large Citadels in every major city of the realm. Additionally they have Houses in every town and village where people can go to to receive aid.   It is known that in each citadel there is a repository of Faided people and a large library. The Medicaments often support and assist the Paragons in the Paragons duties for the realm.


For all intents and purposes the Medicaments have unlimited assets.   The organization is a fundamental organization to the realm. Each year citizens donate resources to the brotherhood in exchange for their services rather than volunteer time.   Local governments often donate resources and assets to the Medicaments as the Medicaments provide needed Human resource support and bureaucratic expertise even though they are not a political organization.

Time heals all.

Founding Date
356 Rs
Governmental, Ministry
Alternative Names
The Brotherhood
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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