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Citadel of Lav'Sha

In every settlement of the Realm, you will find a building maintained by the Brotherhood Medicaments. In Lav'Sha in the mid south of Gle'lanèrino you will find the Citadel of Lav'Sha, a typical Brotherhood Citadel. This is the most southern Citadel of the Medicaments, a last stronghold of Her Will and civilization. The Brothers of Lav'Sha bear a heavy burden as they tend to needs of Her citizens in both heart of the city and the city's outlying settlements.
"Order's edge is the knife of Chaos. Even though we are cut, we will heal." Or'lian E’vori of the Violet, Citadel Lav'Sha.

Purpose / Function

To provide an anchor and beacon of Her Will and civilization for the citizens of Lav'Sha, surrounding areas and those who wish to travel into the wilder parts of the Gle'lanèrino.
All of the services and supports of the Medicaments can be found and accessed at the Citadel. These commonly are:
  • Medical Assitance
  • Diagnosis
  • Intervention
  • Archival Access
  • Document/Item archiving
  • Research
  • Faid
  • Storage/Indexing
  • Reborn
  • Room/Board
  • Intergration
  • Cival Inquiries
  • Statue Research
  • Property Records
  • Family Records
  • Legal Advice
  • General Inquiries

A Citadel is usually the first place a citizen goes when the need assistance.


There have been many alterations to the Citadel of Lav'Sha. Various expansions of the Entrance Hall have occurred historical as the city of Law'Sha grew. Historians have noted that some of these expansions required very adept understandings of Civil Law and Statues as some private citizens did not appreciate the merits of the proposed expansions and the need of their private property, and of course some of these expansions where greatly supported and embraced by the citizenry. One example of such an expansion occurred after the Divergent War Company Barka-Dul laid siege to the city for 14 hours in 57647Rs, Zeros-ij, Vandi-Tenji. Tens of thousands of citizens died in that siege.


The Citadel follow the typical design of all other Citadels, with the exception that the levels only progress down below the surface of the Gle'lanèrino typical of all buildings in the Iron Sea.
The first floor of the Citadel, and the only floor on the surface, is Entrance Hall. All other floors proceed down.

Entrance Hall - on this floor citizens are met with Brothers who provide preliminary assistance and then make a referral to another Brother, or direct citizens to an appropriate service within the city. This floor is typically of open design with many tables and chairs. Citizens approach a Brother who is not occupied and simply begin a conversation. There are typically several exits from the Entrance Hall leading to other levels, and most of those exits lead to the Commons. 
There are often such amenities as small food shops, gifts shops, or 'alternative' information brokers to provide for the ease and comforts of Citizens as they wait, or for those who just wish to have a moment of rest.
The Commons - on this floor those citizens who have been given an referral wait, or are directed to other levels as required. This floor is more ordered then the Entrance Hall. Citizens here are met but Brothers who will help them. They are then assisted immediately in the Commons, or taken to another area of the Citadel. Most issues are dealt with in the Works.
The Works - these floors are where the majority of Her citizens are provided assistance. Medical facilities, housing, baths, copies of popular civil documents, kitchens, apartments ... whatever the Brotherhood needs to provide assistance is typically found in these levels. Citadels will expand the Works as needed, and they are often sprawling in size. There are no maps or way finding aids in these levels, typically. 
It is in these levels that the Brothers help the Reborn re-integrate into Her civilization. These areas of the Works are typically designed to be more welcoming and easy to navigate.
Lav'Sha Citadel has a large Works area. It consists of several levels. 
Apartments - these are the private quarters of the Brotherhood and not accessible to the citizenry of the Realm. 
Archives - these are the levels which hold the documents and items that have been entrusted to the Brotherhood by citizens, or that they maintain themselves. Typically, citizens are only allowed in these levels with supervision.
Faid Index - these levels are the levels were the Faid are stored. They are restricted. Everyone knows that they exist, and every citizens knows that only the Brotherhood is permitted access to them for safety reasons. Not the citizens' safety, but the safety of the Faid. There are many there who others would like to see deceased.


Tourists are welcome. Always.
The Entrance Halls of citadels, Lav'Sha's is no exception, are designed to be enticing, and encourage crowd through flow. Everyone understands, that the services of the Brotherhood can not be maintained on donations alone, so purchasing a drink, a postcard, or toy, or even a shirt is commonly seen as appropriate if you happened to stop at the Citadel.

In the year 54856 Rs the most commonly purchased item at the Citadel of Lav'Sha was a pair of leather knee high boots with the saying "Walk to Lav'Sha? That's a nope!"
Alternative Names
Lav'Sha Citadel, The Citadel, The Brother's House
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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