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City of Endless Sight

It is the heart of Gle'lanèrino, the Glaze.
Designate home of the Humans. 

This city is vast, and unlike every other settlement in the Glaze, Virr-la has a recognizable sky line. The city of abode and brick buildings sprawls in the heart of Gle'lanèrino surrounded by twenty foot stone walls and the Meander, which forms a natural water barrier. In its center are the three watch towers. The tallest being 30 stories tall, and 24 and 18 respectively. These three towers allow a trained observer to watch the surroundings lands for hundreds of kilometres. From these three towers the sprawl of Virr-la expands like ripples. As the city has grown the ripples of its expansion have held witness to the times of struggle and prosperity.


Virr-la is predominantly Human.
There are representatives of all the species of the Realm, and in comparison to other capitol cities the only other ones that are similarly liberal and socially progressive may be the two Circle Sea capitals of Ud-Moaza and Ur-Moaza.  The other capitals are very conservative in their views regarding social acceptance and innovation.


Local Dynasty.
Virr-la has been ruled by the same family dynasty for the last 2000 years give or take. And, it has always been ruled by a dynasty. Humans having unnaturally short lives learnt quickly that in order for social order to maintained and prosper, that any ruler must consider themselves one ruler in a progression of rulers through time. Elfs will live to see their civic projects completed, their political agendas come to fruition. Humans will die even before the idea see the light of day. So, Virr-la is ruled by a dynasty, because dynasties plan for the long term, dynasties know how to sacrifice for future generations, and dynasties are personal.


As a major capital city, Virr-la has everything that any citizen could need. And, if its discovered that it doesn't, historically, that has been quickly corrected by enterprising citizens.


As a capital city, Virr-la has the full resources of the Realm at its disposal should a catastrophe occur. Otherwise, it is wealthy enough that it is the single final political and economic authority in Gle'lanèrino aside from Her Glory and Will.


Officially, Virr-la has been where it is since it was built. However, there are rumours, very secret and unspoken, that at one point Virr-la was burnt to the under Glaze. There are no records of this and no human really believes this, as many consider it the tale of horrors that is told little children by drunk uncles. The Brotherhood can provide preserved records from the great past as evidence that no such fire occurred. And, while it's not against any statues to look, the Paragons frown on those who take such stories and rumors more seriously then they should.


As the only well defended settlement in Gle'lanèrino many people of the Glaze make yearly visits. Tourism is a big thing in Virr-la. Some say its a main reason why things are always so "Fresh" in the capitol of the Iron Sea.
Founding Date
700 Thousand permanent citizens.
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