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The sun reached down to the horizon. Bleeding red iron wine across the Glaze. Over, my shoulder the two consorts were just visible in the dim twilight. Juran high above the horizon and Faral low, on the Sight Line. The Realm Road cut through the Glaze, and on it was the caravan of travellers and merchants that I was a part of. We were all traveling to Virr'la for the Feast of Songs. The caravan had started far up the Erid'mus in the city of Warren's Barrow picking up and dropping of all along the Realm Road. I joined at Junket Spleen.
The Outriggers were the same and the Caravan Agent was as well. The Agent paid the Outriggers and we paid the Agent. Agents, were merchants of a particularly distasteful nature in my opinion, selling nothing but access to their social network of well influenced, or the powerfully influential.
Or, maybe my reflections were more a result of my discomforted buttocks. We had been traveling for a solid nine hours with minimal stops this day. The Outriggers never seemed to rest, and while our mounts were sturdy enough horses, they lacked in those minimal civil comforts.
I found myself envious of those Grass Sleds, strange as they may be. They at least seem to allow the luxury of adjusting your position. One even allowed the Outrigger to ... lounge.
"Master Ramsey." I turned towards the young Outrigger who addressed me; Outrigger Scout Kiely Skott.
"Yes, Yes?..." The young woman was standing dressed in simple leathers with some padding. It was functional and yet still stylish. The two tone leather wore well, and the whole effect did remind me of the hide of a Lighting Snake. Spicy with hints of acidic earth tones.
" Outrigger Chyren is wondering if he could impose upon you to cook a meal tonight for our detail. As you know there is a single day of travel left before we reach the capital, and he would like to show his appreciation for our efforts during the last five weeks. He would consider it a personal favour." She stood still like grass as she spoke; a slight almost imperceptible sway lost in the sway of the Glaze behind her. Uncanny.
"Of course. If I can have the details of the meal, I will look into my stocks and prepare something suitable." One doesn't say no to a request from an Outrigger caravan leader. Not only is it rude, but is most certainly bad luck in your future.
She bowed slightly, "Thank you. It will be a great privilege to sample the creation of a Master Chef. I will pass on your acceptance and return with the details." And, she is gone.
I watch her leave and can't help but note how she is so much like grass. Varied in texture and flavoured based in the terrier.   Master Chef and Festival of Songs Champion, Azzeel Ramsey, Dragon Born.



Any Citizen may make an application to be trained as an Outrigger.
If the Citizen passes the series of tests and assessments required by The Outriggers, then they will be permitted to train.

Typical successful candidates have the following qualities:
1. Phyiscal stamina
2. Interest and aptitude in conservation and stewardship sciences.
3. Above average intelligence.
4. The ability to understand large complex systems of relations.
5. The capacity to understand their role and authority in a complicated organization.

Career Progression

Outriggers have the following ranks of responsibility.
  • Junior Ranks
    1. Trainee
    2. Junior Trainee
    3. Outrigger Foster/Advanced Trainee
  • Operational Ranks
    1. Outrigger Scout
    2. Outrigger Soilder
    3. Outrigger - Front facing rank of the organization.
  • Senior Ranks
    1. Outrigger Captain
    2. Outriggger Instructor
    3. Outrigger Low Steward
    4. Outrigger High Steward

    Payment & Reimbursement

    Outriggers are not paid. They receive what essentials they need from the organization and any non-essentials must be purchased.
    This means that many Outriggers will accept gifts or trade for their services when not working. It is not uncommon for more senior Outriggers to also be rather wealthy.
    Outriggers do not retire.

    Other Benefits

    Professional Benefits:
    Resistance to Illness - Outriggers have a more efficient immune system which makes them very healthy.
    Wayfinding - when in the Gle'lanèrino Outriggers have an absolute sense of direction and distance.
    Danger Sense - when in the Gle'lanèrion they can not be surprised by threats.

      Social Benefits:
    Respected Citizen - other Citizens of the Realm will likely believe an Outrigger in general, and defer to them with regards to statements regarding the Glaze.
    Solace Unreserved - no Citizen of the Glaze will let an Outrigger be without shelter or food if an Outrigger is in need.

    Polictial Benefits:
    Civil Jurisdiction - civil authorities of Gle'lanèrion will frequently defer to senior ranked Outriggers regarding issues of civil safety and defence.



    For greater details see - The Outriggers Organization.

    Social Status

    Outriggers are respected by the general Citizen's of the Glaze. Many find Outriggers unsettling if they spend a long period of time in their presence. It become evident that as pleasant and genial as an Outrigger is, they are also distant and aloof. But, not like Elves.


    The majority of Outriggers are Human and born in the Glaze. For those that are not Human the majority are also born in the Glaze. Few are not native to the Glaze.


    For greater details see - The Outriggers Organization.



    For greater details see - Gle'lanèrino.

    Provided Services

    For greater details see - The Outriggers Organization.

    Dangers & Hazards

    Gle'lanèrino will eventually kill you.
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