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The First Citadel


"Some have argued that the University of Devotions is the heart of the Realm. I would argue that they are wrong. From the University comes Her Will, but Her Heart, that comes from Armúr'Tih-sant, The First Citadel.
This ancient building is almost as old as the Realm itself. It was the first building that the Devouring Mother decreed be built, and it will be last building that remains where Her fails.
Oh, please, do not look at me as if I am Divergent. Just be logical. Before the Resurgence, Her Glory, there was Devastation, and while we dream that Her Will should last eternity, She is not a god, and so She will end... and with Her ending, so will everything we known die. Another Devastation. We, unlike our generations in the future, have the blessing of living during Her Glory, and The First Citadel is a monument for Her love, Her sacrafice, and Her dedication to us, reminding us of our highest ideals as Brothers of the Medicament Order, and the standards that we must demonstrate for all of Her Citizens.
So, The First Citadel, is the heart the Realm. From there our capacity, knowledge and empathy flows. All Brothers begin their first training and their final training there. We have all been there, and we will all return." 
Brother Gamanat of the Yellow.

There is significant knowledge about The First Citadel known to the general public. It has a main floor with multiple reception desks depending on the service you desire, a gift shop, a small interior plaza of cafes, bistros with a fountain. The main entrance is a grand set of beautifully worked and crafted marble steps leading to a set of eight overside glass doors. And, to each side if the main doors are a monumental statues of legendary Brothers in rememberance of their dedication and devotion to Her Citizens.
Inside you can relax, enjoy entrainment by the fountain, the gift store or conduct your business. The receptions desks will help you as you need. If for example you need to make arrangements for recovering a loved one from Faid, or be placed in Faid, that can be without much delay. They will retrieved for you to the Recovery Floor, and you will be taken to greet them. Or, the reverse. Without fee.
Records or items can be recovered or archived. Trusted Brother will transport your valuables to the Archive Floor. You rest assured that they will be there for posterity, or the your future recovery. Without fee.
Or perhaps you have various questions about municipal law or the EdèksVísutan. The Brothers will gladly help you with that research, and consult with other experts. All intended to give you the best possible answer. Without fee. Or, perhaps you seek advice, spiritual guidance, or merely a space to relax. All of these services can be had at The First Citadel. And, really any other Citadel of the Brotherhood.

But, at the First Citadel, you will have the best experience.
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