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Grass Sled

One of the greatest advantages that Outriggers the in the Glaze have as compared to other Citizens is the training required to create their signature vehicle, The Grass Sled.   This term is a general term used to name the varied modes of transportation that Outriggers create from the very grass of the Iron Sea itself. At some point in the training of an Outrigger they are taught the skill which allows them to shape and weave living grass into a vehicle that is uniquely theirs. This vehicle, their Grass Sled, allows them to move effortlessly through the Glaze regardless of terrain, weather, or fatigue.   The Grass Sled is a vehicle that is unique to each Outrigger. It can transport only the Outrigger that created it and their personal items. In many the cases they are sled like, but as an Outrigger gains in experience the Sleds become more practical.   It is common to see Outriggers create and dissassemble their Sleds, which the more skilled can use seemingly do as they will. They begin the process by grabbing a blade of grass with their bare hand and using the blade to cut a fine line on their palm. This allows the Outrigger to use their skill to shape the living grass of Gle'lanèrino.   When leading a caravan some Outriggers will stay with main group, while point and rear guards use their Sleds to maintain a safe perimeter. Outriggers who explore the Glaze always use their Sleds. And, those Citizens who work with Outriggers to maintain the Realm's roads and recover other lost in the Glaze often see Sleds being used.   It may take up to an hour for an Outrigger to prepare and complete their Sled. The more skilled and experienced Outriggers often can complete a Sled in under twenty minutes, however these Sleds tend to be simpler in embellishment when compared to younger Outriggers. Sleds remain as long as there is grass and as long as the Outrigger has the constitutional capacity to maintain them. On average an experienced Outrigger can maintain a Sled full day before needing to rest.   Sleds do not damage the Glaze, nor do they leave any trace of their passage though the Glaze. Many see the Grass Sled as the hallmark vehicle of the Outriggers even though Outriggers do travel using other means. Especially, if they must protect, guide or assist others.   
" The sun was just setting, and Brek was with me putting the horses to shed. They seemed on edge for a bit of time now, and then they just panicked. Brek was thrown, but the horses didn't bolt into the Green, nope ... no they didn't they just stood stalk still after the initial buck. And, I knew what was coming out of the Grass. You get know these things if you live long enough. Seconds later a full grown Grass Cat lunged out of the Grass and tore Brek's leg right off. He screamed a horrible hurricane of pain, he did.     But, moments after three Outriggers appears on Sleds silent and swift, like a baby's breath through the Grass. One came out the Grass standing half-in and out of a sphere of grass that rolled. The strangest thing seeing the top half of a Human until they stepped out. The second sat calmly on what I swear was a flowing carpet of grass. And the third stepped out of a plain as day carriage, onto my farm. They all did.   And, without saying a word... two of them calmed the Grass Cat, retrieving the torn leg of Brek, while the third went to Brek and after a brief conversation placed him in Faid.     I swear the whole thing was less time then it takes to piss. And in the end, it was me, an Outrigger by the name of Nami'an Shee, Brek - in Faid, preparing to go of to town so the Brotherhood could mend up my friend. They other two and the cat, gone like they had come. In a blink of an eye and nothing said otherwise.     It took all night to get to town. Me and the horses pulling mah cart with Brek, an'his leg,  and ol Mr. Shee in the back. Mah Mr. at home was not happy at all, but what was I going to say? Of course I had to go to town, I certainly wasn't saying to the Outrigger ... sorry, to busy to help Mr. Ourigger Sir... I think not.  And, never saw that or any Grass Cat again. That's for sure."   Oh'ben Rae, Human Grass Farmer.

Power Generation

The power of the Grass Sled is taken directly from the living grass itself. Healthier grass is better. Dead grass is useless, and can not be used to create a Grass Sled. The living grass is shaped into a form that is desired by the Outrigger.


The living grass moves the Outrigger as needed and varies depending on how the Sled is created by the Outriggers. Further, the speed and agility for the Sled is determined by the skill and experience of the Outrigger who created it.   Carriages roll as the grass that makes up the wheels 'roll forward' through a process of new grass being added to the wheel shape and old grass cast off.   Sleds slide forward as new grass is added to the runners and old grass removed.   Boats of all fashions very literally float and 'sail' on the Grass as if it was a body of water.   And, for those of great skill a sphere of grass can be created that completely surrounds the Outrigger and 'rolls' in the required direction.

Weapons & Armament


Armor and defense

Variable based on the skill of the Outrigger

Communication Tools & Systems



The Grass Sled grants its Outrigger the ability to sense movement through the grass of the Glaze. The level of detail and distance depend entirely on the Outriggers skill and training.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Grass Sled's allow the Outrigger the following abilities:   1. Maintain full movement speed regardless of terrain.   2. Tirelessness movement.   3. Totally silent movement.   4. Immunity to environmental conditions.
Sled, Glaze Sled, Rigger Sled.
Owning Organization
Related Professions
Can not be purchased
Variable based on the skill level of The Outrigger
Variable based on the skill level of The Outrigger
Variable based on the skill level of The Outrigger
Variable based on the skill level of The Outrigger
Variable based on the skill level of The Outrigger
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Personal cargo, no passangers.


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