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Becoming Into All Things.

When an Advanced Trainee is ready, they are taken into the Glaze and guided in the completing of this tradition. Every Advanced Trainee completes this tradition. This tradition is the culmination of months of training, evaluation, and indoctrination into the skills, philosophy and culture of the Outriggers.   When a Junior Trainee is invited to become an Advanced Trainee, they are from the perspective of Citizens, Outriggers. In public they are addressed as Outrigger Foster, the most junior of ranks. Amongst the Outriggers they are still training, preparing for their completion of the Becoming into All Things.   Trainees are given one weeks notice before they are taken into the Glaze. During this week they may ask questions and prepare as they desire. Instructors are helpful, but reveal nothing about the tradition itself. They may offer advise on how to make the required shovel, or perhaps what to eat, but no Instructor will reveal the details of the tradition.   Once the tradition is complete the Advanced Trainee is an Outrigger, and addressed as Outrigger Scout.   No Outrigger will speak of this tradition except to those who have Become into All Things.

In the soil.

I do not recall clearly,
Those moments before becoming.
I sense them in the past,
And am aware of them objectively.
But, as the stars too distant,
My memory. Ephemeral.
Instead more solid the presence of,
the O'dan.
Since that dark night,
Now always illuminated.
I have been dissolved and absorbed.
I have dissolved and absorbed.
Underneath all of me is,
the O'dan.
I stood up that night,
In multiple places as one.
I buried that night,
Multiple pasts as one in,
the O'dan.
And. Gle'lanèrino is well fertilized.

Personal writings of Anonymous Outrigger often in the possession of Outrigger Scouts.


The tradition of Becoming into All Things is one of the most important traditions of the Outriggers. It is the making tradition.   This tradition begins the Outriggers.   Even before the Statement of Compliance the Outriggers existed. They existed because a few brave and worthy souls gave themnselves into the embrace of the Gle'lanèrino. Through the shear need to survive or the shear need to be something more, slowly those who were the first Outriggers grew in number.   Perhaps for many years the first Outrigger was alone, but the moment another completed the Becoming into All Things, they were no longer. And, they quickly found each other, and so it was through the centuries. Those who Became into All Things knew who the others were, sought each other, and were together. Well, they had no name at the time, perhaps they could be called friends of the Glaze.  
" What were the names of the first of us? That's a solid questions, Yarik. I couldn't say. It's not something I remember. The Low Stewards would know and certainly the High Stewards, but not me. Maybe something like Talik, or Kormist? I can tell you that Outrigger wasn't our name until Statement of Compliance. That's when we became the Outriggers for.... the.... Realm. But, that's not all we are and never forget it. Now, see that? ... that there is the track of a BrynvaYo-Jarhu, so let's go make sure its okay."     Noornma Gil, Outrigger Captain to a group of Advanced Trainees.


This ritual is performed on the final night of a Trainee's indoctrination. Those trainees who make to the Advanced class, all end up completing this tradition. 
As a group, small or large, they walk three days into the Gle'lanèrino under the guidance of their instructors. There they dig pits deep into the soil and one at a time then lay down in the pits that they have dug. There they remain until such time as they have completed the Becoming into All Things. As they remain in their self dug pit, the instructors recite the Creed of O'dun. 
Those who leave the pit are Outriggers. Those who remain in the pit have also Become into All Things and are honoured as Outriggers.

The tradition ends with all Outriggers saying: "What is found in the Glaze, remains in the Glaze" and the returning of the soil to its proper place.
This tradition can take several days to complete as all must wait for each trainee to Become into All Things.

Components and tools

This tradition can only be completed in the soil of the Glaze. It is essential that the deep roots of the Glaze be exposed.   Further, shovels are needed. These shovels are personal items that are created by the Advanced Trainees themselves, and are only used for this ritual. It is considered precipitous if the shovel of a trainee breaks as they must then dig with their hands. There is no formal instruction on how to make a shovel. It is left up to the trainee to determine the best method in the week they have before the tradition.   Shovels are often kept after as a symbol of the completion of the ritual. It is only physical evidence that the tradition exists.   Camping equipment and supplies are also brought by Instructors for their comfort and safety.


There are only two participants for this ritual.   Advanced Trainees - who have progressed to the point that they have sufficient skill and manner to be an Outrigger.   Instructors - who make sure the tradition proceeds without interruption and who choose a suitable location in the Glaze.
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