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At'maduro'ris NgaiTur'hi

The Professional Association of Tourism (PAT)

The legacy of Gorgra‘dul is the Relam wide profession of Tourists.

Tourists can be anyone from any time in their lives. All one has to do is stop living in one place, travel and follow The Mystery of the Why. The P.A.T. provides some structure to their travels and some needed support. All Tourists are members of the P.A.T, but not all Tourists manage and direct the P.A.T. These members are tourists who meet the following criteria:
1. They are a recognized Tourist who has significantly contributed to the culture and renown of Tourism.
2. Have retired from traveling.
3. Have enough personal wealth to open and maintain a P.A.T. clubhouse.

The members who manage clubhouses have the title of Senior Tourist. Typically, they are address as Old Man or Old Lady, as in:
"The Old Man isn't available right now."
"The Old Lady, she'll rip you a new one if you stain the table."
"Hey. Old Man what news of the road to Virr-La?"

Senior Tourists don't really have a structured way of making decisions regarding how the P.A.T. is organized. Each is expected to maintain their clubhouse, communicate regularly with others, and defend the honour and reputation of Tourism. Many settlements who have clubhouses respect them as they bring significant business to the region from P.A.T. members, and from others who may need the assistance of Tourists or just a place to rest for a bit.

Services that can be found at a clubhouse for Tourists:
1. Room and board.
2. Resupply.
3. Machine shops.
4. Information about the surrounding area.
5. Information from other Tourists.
6. Print shop services.
These services can be had at very cheap rates and/or inexchange for interesting and new insights in the Mystery of the Why at the Old Man/Lady's discretion.

For a market rate fee and based on availability the following services can be found at many clubhouses for non-Tourists.
1. Lodging and dinner.
2. Grocery and Supply.
3. Information about the surrounding area.
4. Entertainment (if a Tourist wishes to tell of their trip.).

Each clubhouse is run uniquely. The standards and expectations of each need to be learned, because it's all part of the Mystery of the Why. Some Old Ladies and Men post their rules for the non-Tourists, but the expectations for Tourists are never explicit.

"Oh, so you're a Tourist are you? Where you been? Just cause you walk in here all full of stink and dirt claiming stuff, doesn't mean skank. Do you even know what a skank is?"
Ob'Shnk, Dwarf, Senior Tourist owner of the Salimar Clubhouse.

To boldly seek the Why, that no other has seen before.

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Alternative Names
Tourists. PAT.
Tourist, Patsy.

"Its not like they're actually an organization. It's more like a loosely associated group of partiers who travel a circuit of really good hangouts. "
Malicea West, Human.

"I've been to one of their Clubhouses. Well, not as a customer ... more like I was delivering groceries. It was real nice, the kitchen. Real professional. You could tell them Patsies take their meal seriously."
Grype Nort, Gnome.

"What are you talking about? That is so stupid. Who told you that? The Paragon's have not secretly infiltrated the P.A.T. That's pure hooey. First of all, they have not sense of Why. Secondly, they aren't travellers. Thirdly, they have no sense of fun. No, pass me that beer and tell me again what the road from Salimar to Bukarke is like?"
Dolth'ah Gru, Orc, Tourist.

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