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Magical storms

Clashes of magical currents create extremely dangerous magical storms in specific regions. This has forced local lifeforms to evolve and adapt to them.

2927 words

Prickly sparks

Sentient, gigantic, magical insects that fly out in violent magical storms and with which humans can occasionally make deals - if they don't become dinner first

1156 words

Case for a new taxation on the growth of clysseme creeper plants

Case written to the attention of the senate to review the arguments in favour of establishing a new taxation on clysseme creepers, an aggressive type of plant used in blood magic rituals.

2322 words

Introduction to imperial politics and the Light and Dark political factions

Lesson on the origins and aims of the Light and Dark political factions

3982 words

Storm mushrooms

A variety of closely related species of fungi undistinguishable from each other, famous for their location in the Orage Mountains filled with magical storm as well as for the unique properties of their toxins.

2675 words

Sense writing for the blind

Sense writing is a technology that has been invented to allow blind individuals to read.

846 words

The imperial nobility

Nobles are all-powerful individuals whose House rules over a federal Estate of the empire (high nobility) or which used to do so (low nobility). Nothing prevents anyone from wrenching control of an Estate from its previous owner...

3587 words

The languages of the empire and translation magics

Arianian and Southern are the two official languages of the empire but are far from being spoken by everyone, and what dialects one speaks influence their social standing. Luckily, translation magics are available for the richest.

1141 words

Act of foundation of the empire

The results of the peace treaty at the end of the Unification Wars, seeing all lords and ladies coming together to create a federal empire with limited political powers.

1659 words

The Red Lion inn

An inn located in the capital that caters to an exclusive noble clientele and is a popular gathering place for dining, duelling, playing strategic games, painting and reading.

1304 words

Crafting materials and anti-magic metal

Crafting materials is materials whose quantity and quality of magic has been optimised for the crafting of magical artefacts. One of them is a semi-legendary anti-magic metal...

1374 words

Mage squadrons

The common soldiers with average magic that nevertheless provide crucial support to the nobility and allow them to carry out their heroics during battles.

1518 words

Healing magic

Despite having to constantly fight with the patient's own magic that perceive them as a foreign threat, healers can accomplish wonders with their magic. Nevertheless, many conditions are still untreatable and communication between healers is limited.

1296 words

Lady Oriane Merisse

Lady Oriane Merisse is an ex-commoner who claimed an Estate for herself and acceded to the imperial high nobility. A lukewarm member of the Light political faction, she is well known for her power and ruthlessness.

1510 words

The sweats disease

A deadly disease from the Orage Mountain region that is transmitted by an insect and cannot be healed with magic. It causes fevers and disorders of pain processing before killing people.

2828 words

Yellow gnat

A gnat originating from the Orage Mountain region and feeding on human blood, potentially contaminating its prey with a deadly virus with every bite...

750 words

The gods

Gods are all-powerful entities that constantly quarrel with each other and involving poor mortals in their deadly conflicts.

2478 words

Food traditions

Cuisines and culinary traditions in different regions of the continent. Features amazing dishes, mushroom wine and cannibalism!

2137 words

Imperial calendar

Official calendar of the Empire of the Covenant.

384 words

Members of the imperial government

Elected representatives of the population of the empire who work on enacting the edict of the noble senate but have little power in practice.

1171 words

Solstice and Equinox celebrations

The most important religious festivals during which people can call upon the trace of their ancestors left behind in the Land after their death, as well as events during which ritual magic must be carried out to nourish the Land and protect the Estate.

1760 words

Coins and trading system in the empire

A very ancient monetary system that predates the creation of the empire itself. Resting on trust and good relationships between Estates, it breaks down frequently during social and military troubles.

902 words

The Flooding

A catastrophic event that occurred three millennia ago as part of a short civil war and that cemented the political limits of the imperial government.

902 words

Transportation and palanquins

Problems with feeding horses mean that most travels are done by foot or palanquin, with horses reserved for soldiers and donkeys for pulling carts.

697 words

The defeat of the Dark Lord

Summary of the war with the Dark Lord and our Quest to defeat him, and all of what I did to make that defeat possible and all the thanks I've received for it!!! >:(

3275 words

Magic in everyday life

Despite all the wonders powerful mages can do, what magic that can be found in an average village is limited as people with the less magic and the fewest skills are also the poorest.

3406 words

Tales of Mulmunie and Sessinie the sea creatures

The sea creatures living in the Abyss are terrifying monsters that devastate the coast. Perfectly logically, people living on the coast have decided to make them the heroes of children's tales.

854 words

Weaving magic

Weaving magic is magic applied to textile (raw material production, spinning, weaving, sewing and embroidering), resulting in the creation of everyday clothes with wear-resistance and temperature-control magic or fancy items like invisibility cloaks.

2529 words


Special magic specific to each House, appearing as a family specialise in similar magic over several generations and developing specific magical skills innate to their family and secret spells.

1367 words

Bounded cults

Marriage bonding allow two or more people to share feelings and magic, however the more people are involved in the bond, the more unstable it becomes. Some cults are known from their excessive number of participants and the danger they represent...

1737 words

The senate

The senate is the ruling body of the Empire of the Covenant. All lords and ladies ruling one of the federal Estates of the empire have a seat in it and have the right to take part in the debates.

2061 words

Worship of Ancestors

People worship their ancestors and the trace of themselves they leave after dying, communicating with them to receive protection and advice. A person's ancestors are determine their social worth, and shaming one's ancestors is a terrible act.

2961 words

Overview of Technology, Agriculture, Industry and Education

Overview of technology, education, agriculture, infrastructure, transport and trade in the empire.

1848 words

AmélieIS Progress so far

61344 words 613.44% completed!

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    7) Soul Jars: Merchants-Mages steal the soul jars of the ancient Mages-Kings from their mausoleum and use their souls to power artificial bodies that are enslaved to their will.
    8) Dark Lord Seduction Plan: in a world where Light & Dark magic and political parties are on the break of war, set on the the Dark side.
    9) Challenges of Magical University Life: slice-of-life in a magical university.
    10) Victorian Evil Scientists: 19th century Europe, evil scientists work fun experiments in the service of a Dark Lord.
    11) Magical Maths: magic is practice through complex maths, making mathematician extremely prestigious. Also deals with disability and discrimination.
    12) The City of the Hundred Fiefs: each fief of the city is controlled by one powerful mage, and all are at war against each other. To thrive in limited areas peaople have built upwards.
    13) Imperial Soulmates: Sci-Fi Fantasy with magitech anchored in plants and fungi, with everyone having a few soulmates all over the world (people with identical magic).
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