The Engineering Corps

In an alternate XIXth century magical Europe, the kingdom of France has recently conquered part of the Southern Flemish kingdom, including the city of Lille. Many of its citizens have been forced into the French army so that France can continue its everlasting wars against its neighbours. Adalinde was one of them, and she was not happy to give up her alchemy studies to instead endanger herself by joining the famous engineering corps to which the French army owes its entire reputation. Even worse, just a few years later a bloody battle leaves her the sole surviving officer and the new leader of the division. This forces her into contact with the French état-major and the king who seems intent to involve her in his nefarious schemes. She now has to balance rebuilding the division she is leading and playing deadly politics, all while surrounding by people who do not trust her because of her Flemish birth.   This world is the setting for a novel I am writing. The genre is alternate history, high fantasy, science fantasy and romance.