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Line-gifts are a special type of magic that is specific to each House, ranging from devastating weather magic to pitiful levitation of a few small objects. Everyone in the empire is obsessed with line-gifts, how to cultivate theirs, whether another House has an impressing one, and what strategical advantages an enemy House could gain from theirs...  

What line-gifts are


Each type of magic requires a high level of specialisation and over time some family's magic can become attuned to it, making it easier to practise and allowing them to accomplish feats of magic not possible for others. Through several generations of a family specialising in similar magic, they will develop specific magical skills innate to their family—though they still need to be trained for anyone to gain a real proficiency—and secret spells.   Noble Houses have the most powerful members and so tend to also have the most impressive line-gifts. However, almost all families in the empire have specialised in some form of magic and can perform it easily without the external assistance such as craft or rituals.   The difference lies in the magnitude of what can be accomplished. While nobles with a levitation gift might lift mountains, commoners are most likely to be limited to a few plates. Those line-gifts have developed from magic used every day for several generations of a family, and so they tend to concern activities such as household chores or jobs.   Knowing the line-gift of a specific House is a great strategical advantage. For this reason, which line-gifts a House has developed is not always made public, and often deliberate obfuscation is thrown on the subjects to mislead others. The fact that, while a House will have one major speciality, it can also develop a minor line-gift—especially with noble inter-House bonding—helps in that regard. On the contrary, some Houses make their gift widely known so as to show off or intimidate enemies.   Most line-gifts will fall under the umbrella of Light or Dark magic. Light magic is characterised by its control and the fact that it is built around creation or the use of specific tools or materials, such as weaving magic, while Dark magic is considered raw and uncontrolled, such as weather magic. However, there are also passive gifts, which are those that cannot be turned on or off. They are often associated with senses, such as magic sensitivity.   The classification of a specific gift tends to be subjective and changes depending on the political goals of the people participating in the debates.
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List of known line-gifts

  Most gifts can be classified in big categories, with the exact specificities of their manifestation varying between each House.  


  • Magic-sensitivity: the ability to see magic. Few Houses have it, it is the most developed in the Alyssennes, and the Lyriennes have gained as a minor line-gift by intermarrying with them.
  • Battle-magic. A whole range of magics are regrouped under this label. Most of them tend to enhance the senses of a fighter, their physical abilities or their ability to project magic. The Zériesses are the most famous House for this, as well as their ability to craft battle staves.
  • Feeling-sensing. The perception of the feeling of other people. This relies on the feeling projected by people into their own magic, and so it can be altered by individuals with enough control over their magic and the awareness that there is a need for this. Because of this, the Houses with this line-gifts attempt to keep it secret.
  • Enhanced memory


  • Art magic. Can be used to animate art. Beyond making impressing paintings or sculpture, animated workers or soldiers can be created from it. The Kolinesses have it.
  • Transmutation. Changing some molecules into other by manipulating their atoms.
  • Magic imbuing. An enhanced ability to imbue matter with their own magic, very useful for crafting.
  • Shape-shifting. The ability to change one's own body within certain limits such as the brain not being affected. This is often a mixture of healing and transmutation.
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  • Weather magic: the ability to control the weather, from changing the directions of winds, to redirecting violent Magical storms and controlling volcanoes. The one most infamous for doing those last too are the Lyriennes. The Alyssennes have it as a minor line-gift thanks to intermarrying with them. The inhabitants of the Northern Islands are also famous for their weather magic giving them a near monopoly on trade in the Western Seas.
  • Elemental abilities. This is the control of water and fire. This gift is often shared by families working as blacksmith, laundresses, and sailors.
  • Levitation. This can have more or less autonomy on the part of the mage. This is good for automating activities such as washing dishes or spinning a wheel.
  • Plant-based magic. The Gradiesses have it.
  • Animal-control. Beyond its use for animal herding, this is a great gift for spying on enemies. The Drissennes have it.
  • long distance communication. The ability to create a mental bond with someone and sharing thoughts with them.
  • Hypnosis, or a lesser version controlling the feelings of people. Often work through the medium of songs or music.
  • Gea-based magic. An extremely strong compulsion to force people to comply with an agreement. Some families are rumours to have this magic, but none has been publicly recognised as definitely having it.
  • Magic absorption. The ability to absorb magic from the environment, whether ornot one has a link to the Land.
  • Poison magic. The ability to generate and control poison in the air, water, or ground. Often also goes with the abilities to detect and filter it.
  • Shadow control. The ability to control the shape of one's shadow and make it more tangible. Ideal for fighting or getting a helping hand or twelve for a task.
  • Energy field. Often a subset of battle magic, the ability to create a ward field around themselves without an anchor.
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