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Welcome to the Empire of the Covenant! In this federal empire, tensions are increasing between the Light and Dark political factions. Light Lady Annabelle is the target of the Leader of the Dark faction and in order to gain allies to protect her, she starts Courtship Rituals to make suitors compete for her hand—but then the Dark Lord joins in. Come read about Annabelle's Courtship and her world!
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Many magical artefacts allowing people to accomplish wonders, but any user is always one step away from a disaster...

Types of magic

Magic in everyday life
Technology / Science | Feb 3, 2022

Despite all the wonders powerful mages can do, what magic that can be found in an average village is limited as people with the less magic and the fewest skills are also the poorest.

Spell | Feb 15, 2024

Special magic specific to each House, appearing as a family specialise in similar magic over several generations and developing specific magical skills innate to their family and secret spells.

Healing magic
Spell | Feb 3, 2022

Despite having to constantly fight with the patient's own magic that perceive them as a foreign threat, healers can accomplish wonders with their magic. Nevertheless, many conditions are still untreatable and communication between healers is limited.

Weaving magic
Spell | Jun 8, 2022

Weaving magic is magic applied to textile (raw material production, spinning, weaving, sewing and embroidering), resulting in the creation of everyday clothes with wear-resistance and temperature-control magic or fancy items like invisibility cloaks.


Magical artefacts

The article Artificial insects is about a craft that once activated allows for the materialisation of giant insects who consume magic.

Artificial insects
Item | Apr 27, 2024

An item that can invoke a horde of magic-sucking insects

The article Location pentagrams is about small pieces of jewellery allowing instantaneous travel to the one location to which they are keyed.

Location pentagrams
Technology / Science | Feb 3, 2022

Small pieces of jewellery allowing instantaneous travel to the one location to which they are keyed

A technology that allows blind people to read.

Sense writing for the blind
Technology / Science | Feb 3, 2022

Sense writing is a technology that has been invented to allow blind individuals to read.


Overview of Technology, Agriculture, Industry and Education
Technology / Science | Feb 3, 2022

Overview of technology, education, agriculture, infrastructure, transport and trade in the empire.

Coins and trading system in the empire
Item | Feb 3, 2022

A very ancient monetary system that predates the creation of the empire itself. Resting on trust and good relationships between Estates, it breaks down frequently during social and military troubles.

Crafting materials and anti-magic metal
Material | Feb 3, 2022

Crafting materials is materials whose quantity and quality of magic has been optimised for the crafting of magical artefacts. One of them is a semi-legendary anti-magic metal...

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