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The Clown College

The Clown College is an affiliate location of the Bard College. Located in the Gnome city of Lebalos, the Clown College educates those not skilled enough in entertainment to become a Bard.  

For the Lesser Bards

The Bard College has existed since Gnome society began, and was somewhere that many Gnomes wanted to go. However, not all Gnomes were talented enough in entertainment to become a Bard.   One Gnome, who was beloved by the Gnomes of the time, stepped forward with an idea. His comedy was more physical and gag based, and therefore was something anyone could learn. He proposed that they teach his type of performance to the lesser talented bards, and then anyone could do it. His name was Cafkoy Lown.  

The Talent Passes On

Cafkoy Lown performed a show in the Draconian Village Ealla, and as he was there one of his gags went awry and killed him.   Due to this, the Clowns were in a stir trying to find a replacement. It only made more people apply to Clown College, and more Gnomes hate the Bards from Ealla. This fueled the tensions between them, despite this not being the Bards' fault at all.
Educational, University
Official Name
The Bard College: Cafkoy Lown's Performing Arts Academy
Sylvirlouc Zamrarano by Jarhed
Cafkoy's death was his own fault, yet blame must always be thrown, and so it landed on the Eallans. The Clown College is a major aggressor in this war despite being looked down on by both the Eallans and the Bard College. They often pull large scale pranks on the Draconians of Ealla to try and declare a "war" but it is rarely noticed as more than a joke.  

The Really Funny Fit

One thing the Clown College is known for is its connection to the Really Funny Fit   The Really Funny Fit is a tool utilized by some of the best graduates of the Clown College, like Henroik D Qlown or Sirlini Glirdog. It causes anyone to laugh if worn by someone who believes themselves to be funny.  

Differently Talented

Many graduates and students of the Clown College take offense at being called "less talented" than those of the Bard College proper. What they instead call themselves is "differently talented" which is to say that their talents differ both from what the other students of the Bard College have and what the professors are looking for.  

Notable Alumni

The Clown College does not have too many alumni who have made themselves incredibly famous, but they have some well-known names.
  • Henroik D Qlown
  • Sylvirlouc Zamrarano
  • Sirlini Glirdog
  • Kriplop of the Abandoned Monsters
  • Sengred Dilosz


The Clown College teaches a set series of jokes and gags, all done originally by Cafkoy Lown. This has
Sirlini Glirdog by Jarhed
caused outrage among some students, who want to freely express themselves, but the institute has remained firm in its beliefs.   It is a 6 year school where they teach the basics of juggling, basic musical training, fitting inside carriages that are too small, balloon work, and much much more.
There is also a subcategory for Mimes. Mime School is not nearly as in-depth, and only takes 5 years. This is partially because the people in charge do not care for Mimes.  


  There have been many dropouts from Clown College, all for various reasons. Be it dislike of the long school time, the standard curriculum with little freedom, or towards the mistreatment of Mimes.   Despite this, the Clown College has refused to acknowledge that they have ever done any wrong doing. In response, the headmaster will always simply laugh. One headmaster even stood on the roof of the college during a protest and did a funny little dance. Another dropped down a large bag of balloon animals, one for each protester.  

The Success Stories

  To combat protesters, the Clown College will talk of its success stories. People like Sirlini "the Comedian" Glirdog, who led Ealla, or Henroik D Qlown who brought joy to many through his antics.   What they will not teach is that all of these figures have denounced the Clown College during their lives. One famed alumni, Sylvirlouc Zamrarano, never actually graduated. He dropped out, but after his achievements, was given an honorary diploma.

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