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Light is a natural phenomenon that has become harnessed by Light Mages and Aces respectively.  
Lorakaen Darelor by Yumedatchi

Light Forms

Light comes in various forms. They are as follows.  

Yellow Light

Yellow Light is the standard form of Light, being the normal Light that all Light mages begin with.   Light is the fastest magic type, but also in its base form, the weakest powerwise. This requires Light Mages to either be faster, or more oppressive their attacks. It does not have any weaknesses in the standard form, only in Deep Water and Stygian Darkness. However, that is only in its most basic form.  

Red Light

Red Light is a Light that is the slowest form of Light. It is best used in stationary spells and constructs, like making a wall of Light or a blade of light. Moving Red Light ruins any purpose it had.  

Green Light

Green Light is fast Light that is best used for ones own speed. Boosting yourself with Green Light is the best use for Green Light, as no other Light is as effective in that field as Green Light.  

Blue Light

Blue Light has a special property in regards to sleep. WIth exposure to Blue Light, ones sleep pattern is disrupted. While it does even less damage than standard yellow light, it has a very special property.   Blue Light is less noticable, and when seen it will stop someone from going to sleep. This will cause the target to get increasingly groggy and sleepy, but they will find themselves unable to actually fall asleep.  

White Light

White Light is an unseen Light, as it blends in with the Light given off by the sun. It is also the strongest form of Light. It combines all other forms of Light together for a powerful burst of Light that could prove devastating if it lands.  

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet Light has shorter waves than Yellow Light, which makes it faster than Yellow Light. While it is faster, it is also a bit stronger, and has potential to be used in a much larger area. This allows for large constructs of UV Light, or multiple beams of UV Light.  
Finethir Shinebright by Jarhed


Light Magic is the rarest form of magic, however it is common for High Elves to be Light Mages, which often inflates the list of Light Mages. Here are some Light Mages.
  • Narkard- Captain Commander of the Elven Army, Narkard is the most skilled warrior in Totania.
  • Hadon- Hadon is the son of Narkard, and worked for the World Court for a time, until they cut out his tongue.
  • Finethir Shinebright- A Half-Elf hellbent on changing the world and making it a better place for all Half-Bloods, Finethir has Impossible Magic that gives him properties of Dark Magic as well.
  • Lorakaen Darelor- A Half-Elf, Lorakaen also wields Dream Magic. Lorakaen is a healer who was shut in for most of her life, and now wants to help people as much as she can with her magic.
  • Kamil Gilrel- A High Elven noble, Kamil is a kind but brash man who wants to be a force of comfort in the world for people.
  • Kaiyana Gilrel- Twin sister of Kamil, Kaiyana loves freedom over anything, which led her into a relationship with Vodron Susk, for whom she had a child with. After that, she went East to find herself, and disappeared.

World Forged

The World Court is believed to have harnessed the power of Light Magic into a crystal. It is unclear how this happened, with some believing the crystal is a portal to the Light Plane, while others say it merely stores energy from there.   They then placed these crystals into the foreheads of robotic creatures they made known as World Forged. These crystals not only power the World Forged, but allow them to shoot powerful laser beams from their foreheads.

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