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The Laws that Govern Totania and the Surrounding Realms

An Introduction to Magic

Magic is a phenomenon where mortals are able to tap into the Weave, the realm of the Goddess Corellon, and use it to grant themselves supernatural powers. There are many facets to the powers granted, and the magic Corellon grants, so it can be tough to understand. That being said, most mortals are not able to actually directly tap into the weave, but are instead born with mana stores, those being directly connected to the weave and only able to hold a certain amount of mana.    

The Basics

Magic manifests in many basic ways. There are many people, and even some beasts, in the world able to use it, but for the most part, they are able to do only beginner level spells like fireballs or freezing water. With increased study, ones magic knowledge, and therefore magic power, will increase. This is because the only way to connect to the weave is through the brain, so increasing the brain's capacity for knowledge in regards to magic allows someone to become a better mage.


People are born with a certain magic affinity towards a certain element, meaning that is the element they can perform spells with. Naturally, they can only be born with one of the major affinities, those being, in order of most to least common: Of these affinities, there are some that are more common among different races. While light magic is rare in the world at large, it is one of the more common affinities among High Elves and, by proxy, Half-Elves due to their ancestry. Dwarves are often fire mages or earth mages, while devils normally have either fire or dark affinities. Each of these affinities allows for something else, and most have a counter of some sort. Fire magic counters ice magic, but water and even wind can counter fire. Lightning can be countered by and also in some ways counters earth magic. Yet in this regard, Dark magic is the greatest, for it absorbs all other types of magic except Light, which counters it. Light magic is the fastest type of magic, while dark is the slowest. Yet in terms of power, it is the opposite, with light being the weakest inherently outside of wind magic, while dark is the strongest natural affinity.  


Affinities are not shared by all mages, though. There are rare mages that are born with an affinity for every natural element, and even the possibility to unlock further elements. These mages have the highest potential for growth, yet the most complex techniques of elements are unavailable for them. This is due to the fact that, unlike most mages whose bodies only produce one type of element and therefore can use that element for everything, Aces have each element spread out throughout their body. Therefore a technique like an investiture is impossible.  


Healers are a common type of mages. Instead of using their magic for attacks or utility, they instead learn how to heal others. The most benevolent force in the world, and also a highly sought after commodity by most nations when wars seem inevitable.  

Other Forms of Magic

There are other ways magic can manifest, outside of the simple affinities. These ways include three things: Impossible Magic, Item Magic, and the Divine Trifecta, and can be broken down further and further within these categories. Magic is also used within Stands, and can be applied to weapons or items to achieve an enchantment that gives the item some kind of magical use.

Impossible Magic

  Impossible Magic is what manifests if someone is able to break past their potential magic affinity and unlock a secondary affinity. This can be either a second natural affinity, such as a fire mage getting ice magic, or it can be unlocking an affinity that is not natural, such as Candy Magic or Cloud Magic. When it comes to unnatural affinities, Impossible Magic is the only way to get them.
Yernok Caerxan by Jarhed
  Impossible Magic can be gained only when certain conditions are met. First, the mage must have a large reserve of mana within their stores, enough to hold two types of magic. Second, they must have at least a basic understanding of the thing that will be their future affinity. Third, they can only unlock it after these conditions are met, and they enter a situation of immense mental pressure, which causes their mana to change form into something new, Impossible Magic.   It is called Impossible Magic because, for much of history, it was considered impossible to perform. While the first Grand Wizard Kilprax Ildial preached of its uses, few mages were able to achieve it in the time before the 64th Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed. Thusly, it was considered impossible. Yet it was with the studies of Salasar Feaphed that Impossible Magic became more understood, and the possibility of it was more and more likely. The only reason the name was never changed was because Feaphed enjoyed the sound of the term Impossible Magic, and felt it fit the extra affinity well.

Item Magic

  With the creation of Totania, and the mortals that would walk it, the Gods decided to give gifts of their power to the world. While the Gods mostly gave them to their followers, there were some like Avandra and Melora who left them in the world for anyone to find, and some like the Raven Queen who kept their items to themselves. These are the divine items of each God, and their respective item magics:
  • Avandra's Dice- Luck Magic
  • Bahamut's Shield- Shield Magic
  • Moradin's Hammer- Weapon Magic
  • Pelor's Hourglass- Time Magic
  • Corellon's Paintbrush- Art Magic
  • Erathis's Brick- Structure Magic
  • Ioun's Crystal Ball- Prediction Magic
  • Kord's Gloves- Strength Magic
  • Melora's Branch- Beast Magic
  • Morrigan's Scythe- Death Magic
  • Sehanine's Shifting Item- Copy Magic
  • Asmodeus's Horn- Devil Magic
  • Bane's Sword- Sword Magic
  • Gruumsh's Knife- Deconstruction Magic
  • Lolth's Cloak- Shadow Magic
  • Tharizdun's Eye- Demon Magic
  • Tiamat's Brain- Mind Magic
  • Torog's Cage- Capture Magic
  • Vecna's Book of Souls- Soul Magic
  • Zehir's Bottle- Poison Magic
  • Amoth's Rope- Binding Magic
  • Ishtar's Pillow- Dream Magic
  • Irkalla's Effigy- Curse Magic
  • Ninatta's Harp- Music Magic
  • Erra's Fork- Food Magic
  • Janus's Pipe- Portal Magic
The items manifest their magic differently depending on the user, adapting to the personality of the one wielding them. There are famed users of many of these magics.
Time Magic
has many known users, as often its users distinguish themselves with their unique and terrifying control over time itself. From the Tabaxi Remnant of History, to the humans Malcun Starcaller and Halar Rodratsk. It's able to control time in different ways depending on the user, sending people back in time, stopping time, affecting a singular persons time, etc. Dragonborn historian Workris Galkan has a list of every time mage in history, but most of them ask for their identities to be kept secret in exchange for sending Galkan through time to gather historical knowledge.
Varth Dreamless by Jarhed
  There has only ever been one user of the Raven Queen's Death Magic, the human Varth Dreamless. One of the first humans, Varth forged a contract with the Raven Queen in return for the power to clear out land for the humans to settle. The Raven Queen decided to simply use Varth as a puppet to kill as many creatures as she could, until Varth was eventually defeated by Gellark Lionrage, the first Human King. Death Magic grants the user control over death itself, both granting the power to instantly kill anyone it comes in contact with, as well as resurrect them. Yet it is a curse to the user as well.   Soul Magic is something that was hidden, along with much of Vecna's knowledge, for much of history. Yet it is know to have ended up in the hands of the Triton Caddos Damolnath, and eventually fell into the hands of Tiamat, used by her Head Priest Jarghull Nicces. Soul Magic allows its user to store and utilize souls in the book for various spells.   Sword Magic is another of the more prominent magics, with many students of the Magic College having it. Two prominent users are the Elven warrior Veladiel and the human known as the Merchant Prince, Stercam Horsetrap. It is believed to have been sold off as Stercam was on his deathbed, and it is unknown where it went afterwards. it is quite a self explanatory magic, as the user is able to summon absurd amounts of swords for their spells, though the manifestation of those swords varies.   Shield Magic has two known users, who were able to use the magic that created barriers. The Yuan-Ti Ha Kyung, a student in the Magic College class of 550, was able to create barriers that were magical rather than physical, while the Hobgoblin general of the Ealla League was known to make physical shields to protect his allies. It is given to warriors who the World Court believes are perfect examples of justice and nobility.   Zehir's Poison Magic has only one known user, the sole surviving student of the Magic College class of 525, Grolcurth Hellglory. It was known to emit a deadly poison, and with training, could sometimes create an antidote, though it was never guaranteed the antidote would work. Hellglory was a vain man who bragged about his magic, despite not learning to control it. In an incident known as the Poisoning of Rachdale, his poison magic went wild, killing his entire class as well as the population of the small Human village. From then on, Grolcurth was kept under strict supervision by the Grand Wizard, eventually becoming a professor at the Magic College.   Mind Magic has many famed users, two of which are Grand Wizards. The 67th and 69th Grand Wizards, the Mighty Herald and Ardar Tilrak, a mentor and student respectively. Another famous user is the Land King of the Triton and friend of Thel Pteethtack, Jindis. Mind Magic allows the user to manipulate the minds of their targets in different ways, and damage them through that. Each user has used it in different ways, The Mighty Herald tricking the sight of the targets into thinking something is there that isn't, Ardar Tilrak attacking through sound waves and making people think something is there, and Jindis using the worst fears of his opponents to make their brain hurt themselves. When the mind believes something is there, it can hurt itself if it believes that thing is attacking them.   Demon Magic has had one user, who was given the Eye before Dark Elves began recording history. The Vampiric Dresmorlin Cobath, a figure who lurked in the depths of the Underdark, used the magic that created the most grotesque spells. While it's difficult to describe in general terms what it did, it was known to make the worst nightmares of people into reality, and taps into the powers of all the Demon Lords. Spells such as Bursting Bats, where the user simply points towards someone, and their mouth begins filling up with a creature. Bats. If the target does not open their mouth to release the bats fast enough, their head swells up and explodes due to the sheer amount of bats. This spell was known to have killed the daughter of Tamd Chief Fenyas Uphal and friend of Grand Wizard Rhoziros Nimphonker, Vallyasa Uphal, in a major battle between Nimphonker's forces and Cobath. Another terrifying spell from Demon Magic is Identity Crisis, which creates a ball of light. Anything touched by it is affected, and the target's skin begins cracking. From the cracks, small hands tear through the target and rip them apart, screaming. The small hands belong to tiny versions of the target who begin fighting amongst each other arguing that they are the real one, while the real body has in fact died from being torn apart from the inside. Rhoziros Nimphonker's friend and mother of future Grand Wizard Ohymm Daxur, Naxiris Daxur, was killed this way in the same battle as Vallyasa. It is believed to have fallen into the hands of the Devilish stock trader, Profit, but it is unknown what happened to the item, as Profit was never seen using it.   While there aren't as many notable users of other items, the uses of them are still known. Dice Magic creates luck that the user may not originally have. Weapon Magic can turn the hammer item into any weapon, no matter how outrageous the concept. Structure Magic can create buildings in an instant, while Deconstruction Magic can tear things apart with immense precision and speed. Prediction Magic grants the user sight into the future. Beast Magic creates living creatures that fight alongside the user, and Capture Magic allows the user to capture anything within a ball and use it for their own purposes. Art Magic can create art of all sorts in the physical plain of existence, and give the piece of art tangible form in the world, and even life. Copy Magic can copy the magic that is used against it, while Mirror Magic can be used to reflect attacks or amplify light magic. Some items have lost their power overtime, with Moradin's Hammer being powerless as well at the current time. Yet Amoth's Rope strangely still holds power, and Thel's Mirror replaced Moradin's Hammer in the list of items.  

The Divine Trifecta

The final major application of Magic is that of the Divine Trifecta. These are the magics of the beings that lie outside of the world of Totania when they are applied to residents of Totania. Be it Gods, Devils, or Demons, they each have their own special powers, and each one counteracts the other. In a rock-paper-scissors way, the powers of Gods overpower those of Devils, Devils do the same to Demons, and Demons to Gods.  

Holy Might

The power of the Gods, Holy Might is an enhancement to the natural magic and abilities a mortal would already have, as well as granting abilities from the Gods. It exists in four forms: Holy Enhancements, Divine Prayers, Angelic Aspects, and Might of the Gods.   Holy Enhancements, also known as Demi-God forms, are the most basic form of Holy Might. Granted directly by Gods to mortals, it serves to boost the natural abilities of a mortal who wields it. It also grants the Demi-God form, where the user (if they are a mage) becomes completely made of their magical affinity, for instance a light mage becomes made of pure light. With this, and their boosted magical capabilities, new techniques are available, though there are none directly given by the Holy Enhancement. Holy Enhancements have the potential to, when in the presence of a weakened God in their realm of Heaven, evolve into Might of the Gods, as Holy Enhancements are meant to strengthen candidates who can achieve Godhood, and replace a God who may be losing their status.  
by Jarhed
Divine Prayers are what one would expect from a Paladin, Cleric, or Priest. By praying to a God, the user of Divine Prayers gains slight power from those Gods. These allow for some unique spells that are only granted through prayer. There are some unique spells depending on the God, and depending on what the intended use is, but for most cases it's used for healing purposes.   Angelic Aspects are something that is quite different from the other parts of Holy Might. While it power granted from a God, it is only granted to a select few, known as Angels. These angels get a power representative of an aspect of that God, such as Moradin's Angel Zaernant, who has Moradin's aspect of Adventure. With it, he is able to make any attack directed at him veer off course and go around him, then controlling the trajectory it can go on afterwards. Gods can give twelve aspects out through feathers, which then sprout angelic wings on the backs of the user of the Angelic Aspects. There are two types of Angelic Aspect users, Planetars who are the weaker forms of Angels, and Solars, the stronger form, as well as Proto-Angels, who can grow to replace dead or lost angels, and can be shaped by the Gods to use any of their aspects. Proto-Angels are the weakest, and considered footsoldiers for Gods if they were to ever go to war.   The final part of Holy Might is the Might of the Gods. These are the domains of Gods which can be used by a God in the form of an ability. They are incredibly powerful, and are known as the strongest abilities. Some examples include    
  • Creation- Creates a sea of lava, from which anything can be created, and anything can be destroyed.
  • Community- Balls of light shoot out from everyone around Moradin, as many balls as there are people in a 20 foot radius of each person. Each person in a 20 foot radius is hit by the other people's balls, which explode upon contact.
  • Family- Can send targets into a coma-like state where they are forced to confront familial issues. In this state, they are vulnerable to attacks from the inside while also being attacked on the inside. If they cannot solve these issues themselves, they are stuck in this state forever.
  • Dwarves- Can shrink anything, including himself, to any size he pleases. Once he has shrinked them once, he has full control over their size from that point onwards.
  • Friendship- Heals all around him, and provides invulnerability to people on his side.
  • Alliance- Can use the abilities of those whom he has gained the trust of.
  • Vanity- Can reflect the attacks of an enemy back at them.
  • Redemption- Can reverse the effect of anything, including attacks.
  • Greed- Can steal anything, including spells, and store them somewhere that no one but her can reach them. This includes herself, making it the ultimate defense.
  • Envy- Can use any ability she has observed, often doing so in a mocking fashion.
  • Dragons- Can summon Dragons to protect her. Their skin is invulnerable, and they cannot be damaged from the outside.

Area Devils

Area Devils are devils who have claimed certain regions of Hell as their own. Once the region has been claimed, a piece of brimstone is created. Once the Devil, or really anyone who finds themselves in Hell, eats this brimstone, they become an Area Devil, and are granted an Area Devil ability. These abilities are representative of the original user of the ability, and grant unique abilities not dissimilar to Stands.
by Jarhed
  But they are not tied to that user. When that user is killed, as long as it is in Hell, their bodies will fade away to nothing but brimstone, which can be eaten to gain their abilities. While it is possible to wield more than one ability, it is very difficult to kill an Area Devil, so very few Devils have more than one ability.   Area Devil abilities also cannot be used outside of Hell, except for a scarce few that are considered "mutated." It is unknown what causes the mutation, but those Devils who are affected by it can use their Area Devil abilities outside of Hell.   Some examples of Area Devil abilities are:
  • Liar's Poker- User has a deck of cards, one for each of the allies whom he has dealt with on friendly terms. He can pick one of these cards, and gain a certain ability one of these allies has for a brief period, or he can pull out a full hand of them for certain abilities, such as temporary invulnerability, using all of the abilities at once, or creating explosions. User: Expressive Avarice.
  • Storm of Swords- Creates 100 swords that can be sent flying through the air in a single direction. It is highly unlikely all 100 will even come close to hitting the target, but it is possible. User: Unknown original user. Later used by Profit and Expressive Avarice.
  • Invisible Man- Turns the user invisible, and they become completely undetectable by any methods. User: Mastema.
  • Art of the Deal- The user can make deals with people, granting them whatever they want. However, after this has been achieved, the one the deal was made with dies of old age, and the remaining years they would have lived out are added onto the user's lifespan. User: Profit
  • The Canterbury Tales- Can change the causality of the universe around them. Without immense study of the ability, and training the body to withstand it, it is only able to do so on a small scale. But it has been known to be able to even damage a God, despite Area Devil abilities being weak against Celestial foes. User: Unknown original user. Later used by Profit and Expressive Avarice.
  • You Only Live Twice- Can bring anyone the user kills, as well as the user themselves, back to life. Has no limit to its uses. User: Bliss.
  • Picture of Dorian Gray- Creates a barrier of mirrors around himself, with a foot between himself and the barrier. The area around the mirror on the outside is filled with a gas that will rot anything it comes in contact with. The gas only goes two feet out from the mirror. User: Satisfaction.
  • The God Delusion- Can channel the Might of Gods from every God and use it to lesser effect. User: Arack Bobam.
  • A Dance to the Music of Time- Creates a time loop, starting whenever he wants it to. Normally he begins a loop when he is about to die, so that the final blow never lands on him, and while the person continues to do the action over and over again, they begin to get tired. User: Remnant of History.
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs- Can make food appear out of thin air. User: Ozcious.
  • On Stranger Tides- Can control any liquid that touches the boat of the user, allowing for easy travel in said boat. User: Blackbeard.
  • Our Band Could Be Your Life- Can steal the abilities of stands the user has encountered, but can only hold two stand abilities at once. User: Ardar Tilrak.
  • Atlas Shrugged- Has unlimited strength, growing exponentially as each second passes. User: Freedom.

Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession is the simplest of the three, yet it requires an understanding of the others to know how it works. Demonic Possession is the only way Demon Lords can influence Totania, as the Gods knew they were far too powerful. Due to Demons having power that can take down Gods, the Gods asked for the help of Area Devils under the employ of Asmodeus and his Archdevils. With the power of Area Devil abilities, boosted with the strength of Holy Might, Demons were banished from Totania and chained to the realm of the Abyss. With that, Gods and Archdevils were also forbidden from stepping on Totania, and were only allowed to manifest as avatars when invoked in their Holy Temples.
by Jarhed
    However, there was one way Demons could escape. While Gods had Temples, and Devils had areas where each one could manifest, Demons had no specific area, nor specific group of worshippers. However, if a mortal were to invoke their power, the Demon would be able to manifest within that person's body and possess them. The mortal would gain weaker powers related to that Demon Lord, while the Demon Lord would gain a host. There are examples of some Demon Lords fully stealing the bodies of their invokers, and there are also stories of symbiotic relationships between the host and the Demon Lord. The most well-known invoker, who formed a symbiotic relationship with the Demon Lord Dagon, was Ragmand Nutsk. He was able to summon the tentacles of Dagon, as well as some of his dark energy, and defeat a God. In his possessed form, called the Iron-Forged Demon, Ragmand Nutsk was able to cover himself in the tentacles of Dagon and erase matter itself, as well as instantly reacting to attacks so Ragmand Nutsk could focus solely on attacking.   The feat of killing a God, and reaching such power with the Demonic Possession, has only been done by three other Demonic Possession users, who teamed up to defeat a singular God, Amoth. These three users were the Orc Larzul Black Vanquisher, possessed by Orcus, the Dragonborn Thelrian Durzire, possessed by Demogorgon, and the Kenku Funker, who shared a symbiotic relationship with Pazuzu. Of them, only Funker survived, and none of them took the seat of Amoth, instead leaving his throne empty. Funker and Nutsk are considered, like Thel Pteethtack and some of the stronger Area Devils, to be on par with the actual Divine beings they draw their power from.


While not an incredibly common form of magic, Stands are something that almost every Kenku has. They are manifestations of the spirit of the Kenku, and grant them supernatural powers. They often appear in strange ways, and can only been seen by other Kenku, as well as people with a high enough knowledge and understanding of Magic to perform above just a basic spell.

by Jarhed

For example, the stand Imagine Dragons manifests as small, almost pigeon-sized Dragons that provide a variety of uses for the user, Crate Creak. Imagine Dragons also has multiple sub-abilities, which can manifest through further understanding and study of magic. Like one's magic power increasing through study, stand abilities have the potential to grow as well.  

Enchanted Items

There are some mages who spend their time learning enchanting spells. With these spells, they are able to create enchanted weapons or items, which can do special things that a normal object would be unable to do. Often enchanted weapons or items are used by those without magic to allow them to stand toe-to-toe with mages, but some mages will use them to get even stronger.  

Ken no Yoso

A famous example of enchanted items are the Ken no Yoso, or elemental blades. Created by a Dwarven blacksmith who worked alongside a Tortle swordsmith, these nine katana were each given an affinity by enchanting them alongside the magical power of a powerful mage of each affinity. To make swords of such quality, the mages who gave their affinities gave their lives, both willingly and unwillingly. The swords are considered the strongest enchanted items in the world, and their strength is on par that of the Divine Items that grant Item Magic. The Ken no Yoso are:
  • Masamune- The Light Blade
  • Muramasa- The Dark Blade
  • Kanemitsu- The Wind Blade
  • Kaneuji- The Fire Blade
  • Chogi- The Ice Blade
  • Kinju- The Water Blade
  • Kunishige- The Earth Blade
  • Kunitsugu- The Lightning Blade
  • Saemonzaburo- The Energy Blade
  • Shogun Kaze
    Shogun Kaze by Jarhed
    The leader of the Abral Empire from 1262-1272, and a collector of swords. He wielded both Kanemitsu and Kaneuji of the Ken no Yoso.
Saemonzaburo, the energy blade, was created with the magic of an Ace. It is considered the strongest blade, but its location is a mystery.
Many swordsmiths attempted to copy the Ken no Yoso, but none were successful. First, there were the Saijo Owazomono, weaker yet still good blades. Saemonzaboro was not cloned in this attempt.
  • Osafune Hidemitsu- A Fire Sword
  • Nagasone Okimasa- A Dark Sword
  • Nagasone Okisato- A Light Sword
  • Seikan Kanemoto- A Water Sword
  • Magoroku Kanemoto- An Ice Sword
  • Sukehiro- A Lightning Sword
  • Tadayoshi- A Wind Sword
  • Mihara Masaie- An Earth Sword
    Then, there were the Owazomono, which were still worse, and no longer had a light blade among it, as it was too difficult to copy.    
  • Horikawa Kuniyasu- A Dark Sword
  • Kashu Kanekawa I- A Fire Sword
  • Mondonoshō Masakiyo- A Water Sword
  • Izumi no Kami Kunisada I- An Ice Sword
  • Tsuda Sukehiro- An Earth Sword
  • Tatara Nagayuki- A Lightning Sword
  • Osafune Yoshikage- An Air Sword
      The Ryowazamono and Wazamono followed, each getting worse and worse. The Ryowazamono had no dark blade nor lightning blade, and the Wazamono didn't even have an ice blade. These blades were so disgraceful, their names were struck from history, and mention of them by any Samurai will often blacklist them from most swordsmiths.  

Strong Magic Areas

There are some regions in Totania that are considered to hold heavy magic within them. These can be large areas, yet can also be smaller areas. These areas are the best places for a mage to live, for mages that live within Strong Magic Areas absorb some of this magic, and grow stronger over time.
The known Strong Magic Areas are:
  • The Dragonborn Lands- The largest Strong Magic Area in Totania, where the Dragonborn reside. The villages of Bortan, Evity, Yirthum, Ealla, and Tamd are included in this, and the lands have even stretched to Dembar. The city of Zephys lies at the heart of these lands.
  • The Elven Forest- The land of the Elves, and the second largest Strong Magic Area. This connects to the Dragonborn Lands, but is considered a separate region. The city of Camor is included in this region.
  • The Ironforge Volcano- While the capital of the Dwarves itself is not a Strong Magic Area, the volcano outside of it is. The smallest Strong Magic Area in the world, the Orange Phoenix Squad of the Dwarven army, which consists of its mages, has built their base within this volcano.
  • Stallbourne- The home of the World Court, the city of Stallbourne is a Strong Magic Area. It is considered sometimes as simply part of the Dragonborn Lands, as it lies on the edge of that area, yet it is not owned by the Dragonborn, and thusly is not always affiliated with that region.
  • Nerodil- The capital of Humanity, and once the home of many Goblins, the city of Nerodil is a Strong Magic Region.
  • The Kenku City- The Home of the Kenku, where Stands originate from, is an area of immense magical power.
  • The Celestial Palace- A mountain in the Far East, where the Lung Dragons live atop. It is rare for anyone to ever go here.
  • Mythscar- A former Lizardfolk settlement, Mythscar is the home of the Black Dragon Lord Reoma the Wretched.
  • Waterdeep- The Sunken City, Waterdeep is the only city the Triton tried to settle on land.
  • Abehir- A city with very little known about it, Abehir is the residence of the Vedalken.
  • The Temples of the Gods- Each of the Gods Temples that sit on Totania are Strong Magic Areas, as the Gods themselves are an immense source of magical power.
Most mages that rise to prominence come from one of these places. They have much higher magical potential when compared to people who originated from other areas. These areas are also more likely to have magical creatures living within them or, in the case of the cities, around them.

The Weave

The Weave is the realm where magic originates. A realm created entirely of mana, where the Goddess of Magic lives. While each mage is born with mana from the weave within them, that mana comes with something else. A connection to the Font of Mana, the central point of the Weave. With this connection, it is possible to establish a true connection with the Font of Mana, and draw mana directly from it at will. In doing this, a mage is able to use their spells infinitely without worrying about running out of mana. Spells can be done endlessly, and can become a barrage that is unstoppable. There are very few mages who have been able to tap into the Weave. Those individuals are:
  • The 1st Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial
  • The 64th Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed
  • Lorakaen Darelor
  • Shatt Gunn
  • Ogonn Ha
  • Murphy S. Law
  • Kathleen Ramone
  • Finethir Shinebright
  • Orlayas Ojeux
Of these 9 known mages, only two of them ever completed the link to the Weave. To complete the link, one must not only study their magic, but continue to use that link over and over again until the path to the Weave is opened. Then, they are able to manifest within the Weave, learn everything about magic, and meet Corellon. These two mages that were able to do this are Kilprax Ildial and Salasar Feaphed.
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed
Kilprax Ildial, the first Grand Wizard, often considered the Father of Magic Studies.
"Magic is the blood of the world, without it things would simply fall apart. Even Heaven and Hell are held together by magic, so if we wish to create a utopia that can stand amongst even the Gods, we must truly understand magic." -Kilprax Ildial -773 AA
Metaphysical, Divine

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