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Half-Elves are a species on Totania that are generally looked upon with disdain by many due to their parentage. They are the children of two peoples, Elves and any other species, often Humans.
Lorakaen Darelor by Yumedatchi
  While Humans are the most common secondary parents of Half-Elves, there are other Half-Elves than Human/Elven children. There are known to be some Elf-Orcs that have roamed Totania, as well, largely due to their shared creation together as a people.  

Notable Half-Elves

Despite being discriminated against for their birth by many around the world, there are many Half-Elves who are well known throughout the world.   The Half-Elven people who rise to the occasion and make a name for themselves often are more prepared for the horrors of the world, as they have experienced them firsthand.
  • Lorakaen Darelor Shinebright- The greatest healer to ever walk Totania, who eventually went on to become the Centurion of Ludhar's Legion.
    Ragmand Nutsk, Thel Pteethtack, and Expressive Avarice by Jarhed
  • Finethir Shinebright- The husband of Lorakaen Darelor, student in the Magic College Class of 550, and fighter for Half-Elven rights.
  • Fleat Pteethtack- Pretender King of the Elven Kingdom, illegitimate son of Daeric Nerifir, and the cause of the Elven Civil War.
  • Thel Pteethtack- The God of Vanity, Redemption, Friendship, and Alliance, Patron of all Half-Elves and Half-Blooded People of Totania.
There are, of course, many other well known Half-Elves who have distinguished themselves throughout history, and more who are worth noting who have not gained the recognition, due either to dying prematurely or being erased from the records.


Half-Elves are considered the most discriminated people in Totania, as there is no nation that openly allows refuge for Half-Elves.   In the Elven Kingdom, the hatred for them is so high that most Half-Elves are publicly executed for merely existing, while in the Kingdom of Man, Half-Elves are denied even the most basic acknowledgement of their existence, as Humans consider them to be not worth even that much.   Dwarves will often attack any Half-Elf they see, as they consider them even worse than Elves and Humans, who are already their two greatest enemies.   The Draconians are generally at least more tolerant than others, which is why many Half-Elves have been known to hide away and try to live in Draconian Villages like Evity or Ealla.   When it comes to other Half-Elves, whose other parent is not Human, things could be tough for them in some cases, or easier in others.   Elf-Orcs, the children of Elves and Orcs, generally are accepted in Orcish society as Orcs simply want them to adapt to their culture. If the Elf-Orc can mesh well with the people around them, the Orcs don't care much what their parentage is.   Dwelves, the children of Elves and Dwarves, are hated by both people, as they are the bridge between the two nations that detest each other most.

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