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Hugg Gguh

Hugg Gguh is a Goblin Patriarch who led the Votarra Goblins from 498-515. Prior to leading the Goblins, he was a Goblin Lord who was assassinated and turned into a painting soldier called a Monion.  


Hugg was born to Krak and Gnat Gguh in the Goblin cave known as Votarra Den, in the midst of Dwarven Territory in the year 452. His mother Gnat died three years after he was born, but before then would always hold him tight in her arms. She was sickly, always thin, but her hugs were warm. She died with Hugg in her arms.   After that, the world was cold to Hugg. His father couldn't afford much, but he spent every bit of money he got on food for him and his son. They couldn't afford clothes, and as Hugg began to grow, he had nothing to wear. So he ended up wearing a burlap sack, one his father had bought potatoes in. The growing Hugg substituted these potatoes in the sack as his clothes.   And grow he did, as the image of his mother, thin and sickly, was always in his head. He didn't want to end up like that. He wanted to spread hugs like she did, big warm hugs, to the world. They always made him comfortable, and while he wasn't comfortable now, he wasn't thinking of himself.
Sliq Monion by Yumedatchi


There was, however, someone who opposed Hugg's goal. A man who had known nothing but warmth his life, who now sought to turn the world cold. A man named Sliq Monion.   At this point in time, Hugg had grown quite large, and now had a protective layer of fat around his body. However, his round body was something he was not very used to. He had limited mobility of his limbs, and thus was unable to do much. He didn't study like many other Goblins, instead training his body to do its basic functions. He couldn't walk, so he would roll and bounce around. He would find any way he could to be kind to everyone.   Sliq Monion, on the other hand, was always rather large. He couldn't move very well, but people were drawn to him. He had a presence that forced attention towards him. And it would be these two who would be thrust into the center of Goblin politics in 465, when a group of Human adventurers who called themselves "Remnants of Rage" invaded Votarra Den.   Remnants of Rage claimed to be finishing the job of Gellark Lionrage, the first Human King, taking out the evil Goblins that infested the world. Of course, this was against Gellark's true view towards Goblins, as Gellark was an ally of Goblins, but had become King too late to help them. Hugg did not know this, but he knew that such evil motivations could not be true or something he could let happen.
Biggz by andreaspsillos4
  There were three people who stepped up against this threat. The first was a man named Waldar Bigeye, a strong Goblin who had a penchant for fighting. He was one of the few Goblin guards to survive the attack due to his strength. The next was Sliq Monion, who was a large target for the Remnants of Rage. Thanks to Sliq's physique and power known as Art Magic, he was able to survive and defeat the Remnants.   The third, however, was Hugg. Hugg was not hurt by the weapons of these adventurers. He was able to stand up against weapons that had slaughtered so many of his kinsmen, and then defeat the adventurers with just his hugs.   It was these three who stood after the Remnants of Rage were defeated. The Humans had killed the matriarch, and she had no successor. So these three were each offered titles as Goblin Lords. Three rulers who would work together to rule Votarra Den. Waldar refused, as the Bigeyes were not a family of rulers. They instead followed orders, and he insisted he would just raise his family and stay out of such affairs as becoming a Goblin Lord.   Hugg wanted to refuse as well, but seeing Sliq, he was terrified of what Votarra would become. So he agreed, seeing this as a way he could spread kindness and warmth. Sliq grew a hatred for Hugg just as Hugg grew a fear of what Sliq could do.  

The First Monions

Sliq had plans with his Art Magic, making a group of assassins out of copies of prominent Goblins. He killed the real Goblins and, in 491, used this group to steal an Item Magic known as Shadow Magic. He then had this group, led notably by Waldar Bigeye, Jug, and Shkowwt Troope, to kill Hugg.
Goof by RovaRed
  Shkowwt was hesitant to kill Hugg, while Waldar did not hesitate, using the Shadow Magic to kill Hugg. Under Sliq's orders, Waldar then killed Shkowwt and the other Monions who were doubting him. Waldar and Jug then went on to be part of many further iterations of the Monions group.  

Empty Hugs

However, Sliq did not want a power vacuum in Hugg's place. So instead, he created a Monion copy of Hugg, then starting to spread rumors of Hugg becoming vengeful and hateful. The residents of Votarra Den began to fear the Goblin Lord, turning to Sliq for help. Slowly but surely, Sliq knew that he would no longer have a use for Hugg.   Hugg, however, feared what he had become. He was flat, 2d, not someone full who could give hugs to those that needed him. He was paper. Still, he would do the best he could. He would still give the Hugs he always sought, for there were still people that needed them. He just needed to take out the one stopping him from that... Sliq Monion.
Prixx by AnthraxSurprise
  He had to use foul play for this, but it was considered necessary. He used Waldar's loyalty against him, convincing Waldar to listen to him as well, since Waldar was loyal to both Goblin Lords. He convinced Waldar to kill Jug and himself on Hugg's own orders, and with that, the stage was set.  

The New Monions

Sliq was out of options. He needed more Monions, as he used them to collect Item Magics and dispose of the Monions later. It was only Waldar and Jug who had remained from all teams, but now they too were dead.   Sliq found many Goblins, however, who were rising to prominence. Most prominent was the drug kingpin Kash Monet, the drug addled Meff Kraxx, and the sons of former Monions, Roblin "Biggz" Bigeye and Goof Troope. Others, like Kirbo Funki, Grummd Prixx, Klapp Chioks, and Lucky were less prominent at the time. That was what he wanted. Not fame, but effectiveness.

The Monions

Hugg was the greatest enemy of Sliq Monion, which was exactly why one of Sliq's plans ended with the death of Hugg. At least, the real Hugg. Sliq had a type of assassin he made with his Art Magic, called a Monion. These Monions were paintings of people Sliq made, which would first hunt and kill their real copy, then would follow the orders of Sliq. These Monions still had their original personalities.   Hugg was turned into a Monion, the real Hugg devoured and the Monion sent off with the most famous team, which became known as the Monions, to kill the 60th Grand Wizard, Crordoth Narakas.   This team of Monions included:
  • Klapp Chioks- The Structure Magic Monion. Often called the forgotten Monion, Klapp is by all accounts a failure of a Monion. He was either unable to replicate the skill that the original Klapp had, or the original Klapp had lied entirely about his reputation. He would walk on his hands and used his feet like others would use their hands. He later married Hugg.
  • Kash Monet- The Poison Magic Monion. Kash was likely the most famous Monion before their exploits, and is only afterwards beaten out by Hugg and Goof. Kash ran one of the largest drug empires Totania has ever seen, and is to this day the most well known black market kingpin, so powerful even the World Court could not stop him, and this has been taken over by his son Phund.
  • Roblin "Biggz" Bigeye- The Strength Magic Monion. Biggz was said to be unbelievably strong, yet dimwitted. He was loyal, but when betrayed by Sliq Monion, Biggz was the one to strike back hardest against his former master. Biggz is a hero particularly to bodybuilders across Totania.
  • Kirbo Funki- The Copy Magic Monion. Kirbo Funki was likely one of the kindest Monions, aside from the gentle Hugg, and while he had large influence among the Monions, he went on to lead a quiet life with his wife Sullore and son Gak.
  • Meff Kraxx- The Mind Magic Monion. Meff was actually said to have Sword Magic, and most tales of him will say this, but it turns out he just had a normal sword. Meff was a drug addict, rabid and ravenous. He is best known for the horror stories told about him.
  • Goof Troope- The Shadow Magic Monion. Goof is best known as the one who put an end to Sliq Monion, hanging the Goblin Lord and freeing the Goblins from his torment. He is considered to be a universally beloved hero, alongside Hugg, and is honored even more for his heroic deeds. After killing Sliq, Goof went out to do further heroics.
  • Lucky- The Luck Magic Monion. Lucky was a sociopath with terrible luck, which left him out of prominence most other Monions got, but did land him a rather quiet life.
  • Grummd Prixx- The Beast Magic Monion. Prixx was a terrifying beastmaster, partially because he could make great beasts, partially because even he struggled to tame them. He is feared by many, even long after his death, even though he died peacefully living in the forest taming gentle animals.
  One should note that while most artistic depictions of the Monions replace Klapp with a horrific Monion named Jug, Jug was not part of this group of Monions, and had no relation to Hugg or any of the others in this group of Monions.
496 ME 515 ME 19 years old
Parents (Adopting)
But Sliq needed someone to watch over them. Someone he could trust. At this point, Hugg had been a Monion for seven years, and Sliq believed he had Hugg under control. However, Hugg was waiting for this. For himself to be allowed to become part of the Monion team. If he could grow a friendship with them, a true one founded off the warmth of hugs he so loved, he could use that to tear down Sliq.
Crordoth Narakas by Jarhed

Lord Sliq's Fantastical Heist

Sliq Monion called together a team that would eventually go down in history as "The Monions." This group can be read about more in the sidebar, but it was thanks to Hugg's sabotage of the prior team, as well as perhaps some suggestions of people to pick, that these particular Goblins were chosen. Yet Sliq found them to not be united enough, that each of them did not work incredibly well together.   So Sliq Monion told them to seek out the one who would be able to unite them. One he thought was his to control. Hugg joined the team, being sent off on a mission against Grand Wizard Crordoth Narakas. After all, Sliq wanted to steal the brain Crordoth had, which held Mind Magic. He had already collected so many items, of which he distributed to his Monion teams to carry out his missions. Hugg knew what happened to them after. But he had an idea. He just needed the Monions to trust him and learn to use their Item Magic.   However, there was one Monion who was not given Item Magic like the rest. Or rather, including Hugg, there were two without an Item. This second one was given a rusty sword and told that it was Sword Magic. It had no magical properties at all, however. This man was named Meff Kraxx, a man whose perception of reality was already not the greatest due to his heavy drug use. Hugg felt particularly bad for Meff, and wanted to help Meff out even if he was a terrible person. After all, there was no one there who was worse than Sliq Monion.  
Meff Krax by genuinetrickster
Despite Hugg's plotting and planning, he was not a very intelligent man. Of all the Monions, he was considered one of the least intelligent. Instead, his plans came from the care he had for all Goblinkind. All except for Sliq. His brain simply led him down the path that he believed would be best for everyone.   It was in the Elven Forest where the Monions picked up another tag-along. An Old Elven man named Olmand Shinebright. He had little time left and wanted to see what these little drawings were up to. Hugg felt bad involving an old man in this, but was fine with it. After all, he was the one protecting everyone. He'd just have to protect Olmand as well.   Hugg did just that when they came across Fraeton the Usurper, the Green Dragon Lord. He bounced away, carrying everyone with him to safety after their encounter to make sure they would be safe.   When they reached the Magic College, Hugg took a more passive role. He had never been to such a fantastical place, a floating castle in the sky, so he got caught up in the sights and the various incredible people, like Salasar Feaphed, Fepar Tilrak, Zefsica, and Balrus.   It wasn't until the group confronted Crordoth Narakas that Hugg tried to stand out again, though it didn't work very well. While Hugg was difficult to harm due to his soft exterior shielding him from physical attacks, Crordoth's Mind Magic did wonders on the feeble minded Hugg, making him less effective against Crordoth that most of the other Monions.
Kash by Yumedatchi
  Ultimately, it was Kash Monet, the drug lord, who nearly defeated Crordoth Narakas, while a Draconian student of the Magic College named Nyxius Gririn took the credit, dealing the finishing blow on Crordoth, then taking his place. Yet it was Meff Kraxx who ended up with the Mind Magic brain. Hugg feared what he would do with it, but knew they would need to do something about this.   He tried to warn the Monions about Sliq on their way back to Votarra Den, but many did not wish to believe him. They did not want to believe Sliq would betray them for the Item Magic. Biggz especially was insistent it could not be true. Hugg knew they would have to learn the hard way...  

Monion vs Monions

In Votarra Den, many Goblins were either killed or held hostage by Sliq. Those that were not attacked the Monions, who fought them off and escaped thanks to Meff Kraxx's Mind Magic.   Then, they found piles of corpses. Those that Sliq had killed. Among these corpses was the child named Rharked Monion, Sliq's son. He was not dead, but he hid there in fear of his father, who had murdered all these innocent people, including Rharked's mother, Klud Monion. Rharked asked for the Monions to stop his father, and there were two Monions in specific who promised they would do so: Hugg and Kirbo Funki.   Entering the throne room, many of the Monions tried to deny Sliq's betrayal. However, Sliq confirmed what Hugg already knew. They were pawns in a game that they seemed to have no chance at winning. The only winner would be Sliq Monion... or so he thought.  
Klapp by Jarhed
This led to the clash between Sliq Monion and the Monion team of assassins. Sliq was a powerful man, but thanks to Hugg's kindness and the team's experience together creating a growing bond between them, as well as honing their skills, they were likely a match for him. He knew this, and so he used his Art Magic again to create more copies of them. Fake versions of the already replica Goblins, who fought gainst the Monions.  
Over the course of their adventure, there was one Monion that Hugg had grown incredibly fond of. Feelings began to grow between him and Klapp Chioks, with the two dancing together in a contest arranged by the Ophidian Sullore, who had taken a liking to Kirbo. This led to many things, like her and Kirbo eventually marrying, but it also led to Klapp and Hugg realizing their blossoming feelings.   After that, Hugg protected Klapp above all others in their fights. Klapp was weaker than the others, after all. Yet, when it came time to fight Sliq, Hugg was distracted. This was his greatest enemy, he needed to be focused, and... Klapp was flung against a wall and killed instantly. Hugg went crazy, killing the fake copies of both himself and Klapp in his anger as the others handled Sliq and the other fakes.   Ultimately, there was one Monion who contributed the most to this fight. While each Monion did something special, notably Prixx finally controlling an animal he made with his Beast Magic, it was one hero who did in Sliq Monion.  
Kirbo by DragonboiNalrik
Goof Troope, the son of one of the first Monions, Shkowwt Troope. Shkowwt was one of Sliq's first pawns, a kind man forced into it. A man who refused to kill Hugg, and who then was killed by Sliq. Now, Goof was getting revenge for his father. Whether Goof knew this or not, Hugg was unsure. He seemed to not know too much of anything. Still, it was satisfying to see Sliq's life end that way, at the hands of Goof's Shadow Magic, the magic that the first Monions had taken all those years ago.  

Living Art

Sliq's Magic, however, was what kept the drawings that were the Monions alive. Without it, they began to fade away. Their lives, short lived as they were, would end in Votarra Den with the man who betrayed them.   If not for the one man who had not gotten Item Magic yet. The one who had led them to this death now led them back to life... as Hugg Gguh repainted the Monions' fading bodies, even bringing back Klapp. He took his seat as the Goblin patriarch, granting the Monions all a new life. Without their Item Magic.   The Item Magic was taken back by Salasar Feaphed, Fepar Tilrak, and Melthrum. Three students from the Magic College the Monions had met who called themselves the Mage Trio, a group of peacekeepers who stopped any threats before they became too much to deal with. They insisted that so many items could not be in one place at one time, especially with a group powerful enough to kill a Goblin Lord and a Grand Wizard.
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed

Aftermath of the Heist

Hugg married Klapp a year later in a wedding attended by most of the Monions, save for Biggz. Biggz still followed an order he had been given by Sliq. An order he held deep in his heart.
"Biggz go East."
— Roblin "Biggz" Bigeye
  Hugg, then, also attended the marriages of all the other Monions, like Kirbo's marriage to Sullore, Meff Kraxx's marriage to Josatra, and Biggz's two marriages. He watched as those around him made families, and wished that he, too, could have a family.   It wasn't for another twelve years that he would make that dream a reality. After a devastating disaster in a small Goblin camp, Salasar Feaphed approached Hugg and Klapp. He said he knew they were kind rulers, and that he knew as well that they could not have children. He asked if they could take care of the one survivor of this incident, a newborn baby.   Hugg was happy to take it on, and Klapp named him Dapp. With that, the family was complete: Hugg, Klapp, and Dapp Gguh.  

Hugg the Patriarch

As the Patriarch of the Votarra Goblins, Hugg was relatively liked. People liked him more than they did Sliq, at least. He passed laws that prevented too much harm in the caves, insisting at least that any squabbles be settled outside of the cave and under the watchful eye of the Dwarven soldiers. Hugg, after all, was on good terms with a Dwarven General, Salasar's friend and fellow member of the Mage Trio, Melthrum.
Melthrum by Jarhed
  Another law Hugg passed was one that promoted legal business, as Goblin law had not adapted to create any necessary legal permits to operate business outside of Votarra Den for Goblins, and inside for non-citizens. Hugg wanted to legitimize Goblin business, or at least, that was the public story. The truth was that this was a favor that Kash asked of him, for Hugg didn't understand what any of that meant.   Hugg was, after all, not very smart. Most of his legislation was naive and not anything that could really last. It was well intentioned, and most people do not look back on him as a bad ruler, but as one who was in over his head. At the time, however, many even wanted Sliq back, as at least Sliq had allowed for more illegal dealings to happen in Votarra Den. Hugg was cracking down on this, saying he'd rather they all get along nicely. A good idea in theory, a bad one in practice.  

Death of the Monions

Hugg and Klapp took a trip to the The Elven Forest to see Prixx and his son Speef in the year 515. They wished to tour the world, see all their former friends and check in on them. They told Speef stories of their adventures, and Hugg even made sure to hold Speef in his big embrace all the while so he would know what it was like even when Hugg was in Votarra Den.   However, when they left Prixx's home, Hugg and Klapp were accosted by a Vampire. Not just any Vampire, but the Great Vampire Lord himself, Dresmorlin Cobath. A man that many consider to be no more than a myth came to life that night.
Dresmorlin Cobath by Jarhed
  Dresmorlin wanted entertainment above all else, and the Monions were no longer giving him that. Hugg had taken out Sliq and had stagnated, Klapp was always boring, and the rest of them? Dresmorlin was slowly losing interest. Over a thousand years of immortality will do that.   And so, Dresmorlin Cobath killed Hugg and Klapp in the Elven Forest. With Hugg gone, the other Monions began to fade away as well, leaving their spouses and children without them. Still, Hugg would be known for the profound impact he had on Goblin society, as the man who saved it from its greatest evil. He and the other Monions would be honored by the next Matriarch, the Ophidian Sullore, who took up the title after the death of her husband Kirbo.  


Cozall Redfury would be the next one to get Item Magic, and he used it to revive the Monions to aid Kirbo's son, Gak Funki, in stopping the other Monion descendants from taking over Votarra Den like Sliq did.   Hugg met up with a man known as Shatt Gunn, who he found he had quite a bit in common with. He was happy to meet a gentle soul like Shatt, and even happier to be around his friends again. Even if it meant he'd have to face his own son.  



Hugg was asexual and homoromantic, with his only known romantic partner being Klapp, but it being known also that Hugg never felt sexual attraction. Some say he was simply not smart enough to understand his feelings, but this is simply underestimating Hugg. He may not have been book smart, but he was incredibly emotionally intelligent. He simply had no sexual attraction, and that was not a problem for him or his husband.
Jibral by Jarhed


Hugg was not a follower of the Goblin God of War and Conquest known as Tohil. He even helped, during his rule, convince the Goblins to stop officially endorsing Tohil as their God. He had not been a majority religion since the matriarch Jibral, but was still their official God. Hugg convinced them to stop publicly stating this, though Tohil is still associated as the Goblin God.   Hugg instead followed Selene, the Elven Goddess of the Moon, Love, and Illusion. He particularly loved the idea of the Moon, as it was big and round like him, and of course had a fondness for love, as he loved all he came across equally. All except for Klapp and Sliq, who were at opposite, extreme ends of his love spectrum.  

Physical Condition

Hugg was a large man, with most of his body being made up of fat. For a Goblin, he was incredibly large, which gave him a cushiony body. This was the case even after he was turned to paper, as he was still described as incredibly soft to the touch, which was not the case for all Monions. Grummd Prixx and Meff Kraxx, for instance, were said to be coarse and rough, while Biggz's paper somehow felt muscular and veiny. Hugg, however, was smooth and soft, perfect for Huggs and absorbing large weaponry.  


Hugg's exact personal wealth is unknown, as he was not one to count coins. However, it is believed that due to his position as Goblin Lord before becoming Patriarch, he already had wealth to spare when he became Patriarch. Then, after ascending to leadership, he amassed even more money. However, it is said all of this was donated to a charity for orphans and those displaced by war upon his death.
Sullore by Jarhed

Social Life

Hugg had one of the most active social lives of any historical figure. He went out of his way to be friends with everyone he met. He is of course best known for being friends with all of the Monions, but there is also his successor, the future Matriarch Sullore.   He was friends with a few world leaders: Salasar Feaphed of the Draconians, Melthrum of the Orange Phoenixes, Fepar Tilrak of the Army of the Revolution, even Ku Regalcrest of the Kingdom of Man.   While many of the Monions and world leaders despised the woman named Sirlini Glirdog, the Comedian, Hugg found her fun. She would always play jokes on everyone, and Hugg found her endearing. He also didn't fully understand her more mean-spirited jokes, so that contributed to it in some way.   In the end, his friendly nature is what killed him. He did not run from Dresmorlin Cobath, but likely tried to befriend the Great Vampire Lord. Thus, he died to him.  


Hugg was incredibly fast and had a body that could withstand blows from almost anything. His greatest skill, however, was one to draw people to him, to get others to follow him.  


Hugg was not born a mage, but instead gained Art Magic after Sliq Monion died. He was not very smart, and thus was not able to use its potential for much. His only feat of Art Magic is recreating the Monions, but many say that is because of his knowledge of them. Some theorize he was only limited by his imagination, but that he just had a very limited imagination in the first place. The full scale of Hugg's magic power is unclear, and will likely never be known.  

Cover image: The Monions United by Max a Million, RovaRed, RationallyUpset, Jarhed, genuinetrickster, DragonboiNalrik, Yumedatchi, andreaspsillos4, AnthraxSurprise
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