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Ice is a common thing to see around Totania, and its Magic is no different. It is the coldest form of natural magic.  
Boris Nesti the Mishan by Jarhed

Icy Forms

Ice comes in many shapes and sizes, but also in all kinds of different forms that require different magical skill.  

Standard Ice

Standard Ice is colder and stronger than most other standard forms of Magic. It is one of two forms of Standard Magic that is physical rather than elemental, alongside Earth.   It can be shattered by stronger people, and can also be melted by fire. These are the two weaknesses of Ice, which is otherwise quite strong. It is not the fastest element, actually being among the slower ones, but it is not the slowest, which is Dark.  

Iridescent Ice

The coldest, purest ice, Iridescent Ice freezes everything around it and is so cold that even a Flame near it is instantly brought down by an entire color level. Red Flames are just put out entirely.   The only way to melt Iridescent Ice is to give it prolonged contact to Purple Flames, which would require making Green Flames. Its weak point is not in melting with Flame, but in its easy ability to be shattered. This is due to its unstable crystal structure.  

Clear Ice

Clear Ice is incredibly strong. Its main property is that it is completely clear, nearly fully transparent, as well as structurally perfect in its crystal structure. This means it is incredibly resistant to physical damage and harder than even the strongest metals. To break it would require some of the greatest physical strength in Totania.   It is, however, fairly susceptible to elemental fire, being melted by Blue Flames and above. This is the weakness of the otherwise incredibly powerful and oppresive Clear Ice.  
Vardid Liloryas by Jarhed


Ice Magic is a fairly common affinity for mages. Here is a list of some known Ice Mages.
  • Vardid Liloryas- The Dragonborn Chief of the Bardic village of Ealla, and Magic History Teacher at the Magic College.
  • Rebun Colad- A Magic College student, Rebun Colad has a prominent reputation for showing up and causing mischief when he's needed.
  • Yethtith Nysythea- The Beast Magic user, Yethtith once solely used Ice Magic when she was known as Yilkin Nagil.
  • Dresser- A Kenku who is part of the Tyrant Party, Dresser supports Etcher in any jobs he needs done
  • Bing Zhi- The Zhi of Ice, Bing Zhi wants to be a powerful mage like Fepar Tilrak, but is unable to reach that level of prominence.
  • Boris Nesti- A Mishan with Ice Magic, Boris was the first Mishan to study at the Magic College, and is on a diplomatic mission to improve relations with the world.
  • Mizre Khaleen
  • - A Dark Elf, Mizre Khaleen is a known serial killer who reformed slightly so that she was allowed to join the Magic College as a student
  • Moroz- An Ice Genasi, Moroz is made of ice itself. He is not incredibly smart, but makes up for it by being charming and a good friend.
  • Ilxar Nimphonker- Former Chief of Tamd, Ilxar Nimphonker died in the Chief Crisis, which was a war that he himself started. He was both an Alchemist and Ice Mage, using his Ice to improve his alchemy.
  • Vammic Nimphonker- Ilxar's son, known to be rude and mischievous, Vammic takes after his father as both an Ice Mage and an Alchemist. Anyone who tells him this will be in for a rude awakening, as Vammic does not take kindly to such comparisons
  • Chaze Redfury- The famous artist, Chaze Redfury has Ice Magic, though she does not like using it very much. She prefers to simply paint. She was happy her son Cozall Redfury inherited his father Forvan Redfury's Flames instead of her Ice.

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