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Magic Theory Professor

The Magic Theory Professor is one of the two teacher positions at the Magic College, alongside the Magic History Professor. Its major focus is on educating the students of the Magic College on what Magic is, how it works, and how to do it at their peak potential.  


The Magic Theory Professor's main job is of course to teach Magic. That is why they are more appreciated at the Magic College, for they serve its main purpose. Their lessons consist of two sections, study of Magic and practice of Magic.   Magic Study lessons often take the form of lectures in a classroom, where the Magic Theory Professor explains a certain aspect of Magic, be it something simple like the affinities (Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Light, and Dark) or something more complex like Colored Flames.   The Magic Practicum then is the other half of lessons, where the students will all begin practicing their Magic. This can take many forms, be it small spell practice in the classroom, range lessons in the Great Hall of the Magic College, or sparring matches in the Arena. Throughout all of these, the Magic Theory Professor (and sometimes the Magic History Professor joins in) is there to help guide the students to become the best mages they can be.   They arrange all functions for their class, be it parties, gatherings, events, internships, and trips. If the class is doing it, and they aren't acting out of line or on their own, it was likely the Magic Theory Professor's doing.   There is another role the Magic Theory Professor has, and that is the representative of their particular class. While the Magic History Professor has many small duties, the Magic Theory Professor has the large duty of taking care of the class. They watch over them if they live in dorms, help them with personal problems if needed, and take the fall for most misdeeds done by their students. They are a shoulder to lean on, an ear to hear you out, a brain to learn from, and a person to look up to. That is the purpose of the Magic Theory Professor.   Some are, however, not as competent. This can be seen in their class, as even students with high potential fall behind their underclassmen if they are not learning as they should be from their Magic Theory Professor.  

Magic Researcher

The Magic Researcher is a position always held by a Magic Theory Professor. They do not always achieve much, but their goal is to learn something new about the way Magic works. To crack the code and change the world's view of Magic in some way. As more things are discovered, the job becomes more and more difficult for the one to take up the title next.   Many believe that all of the secrets of Magic have been cracked, while others are under the impression that the world knows less than half of the true things Magic can do.
"The Magic Researcher holds such a vital position. There are so many things about Magic that confound even the greatest of minds. Not me, of course. I understand everything. But for the rest of you, you need help. That's what the Magic Researcher is for."
— Salasar Feaphed
Grolcurth Hellglory by Jarhed

Current Magic Theory Professors

There are four Magic Theory Professors at the Magic College, as there are four classes, allowing each to teach one class. These are the current four under Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed's command.
  • Grolcurth Hellglory- The sole survivor and accidental cause of a massacre, Grolcurth has Poison Magic which he is unable to fully control. For this, he stays out of combat and does not touch anyone for fear of his poison leaking out and killing them. He also has the role of Magic Researcher, as he delves deeper into how magic exactly works.
  • Zanni Laithra- A Gnome who is prone to falling asleep due to a curse placed on him at a young age, he also doubles as the school nurse.
  • Tsunami- A Water Jinn, Tsunami is both an art teacher as well as a Magic Theory Professor.
  • Morrik- A Dwarf who applied to the Magic College as a backup, intending instead to teach at Ironforge University. When this was rejected, he got the job at the Magic College instead.
"Healing is always useful, even for a small cold. To study here, everyone always needs to be in their best condition. This makes the Nurse an absolute necessity. Especially since people can get injured during their training here fairly easily."
— Salasar Feaphed

School Nurse

The School Nurse at the Magic College resides within the Magic College Infirmary, where they practice healing magic so that they can heal any injury or ailment from the students. They are not just nurses, as they also double as Magic Theory Professors.   They are allowed some more time off and leniency in their job than other Magic Theory Professors, as their healing services are so necessary not just to the Magic College, but to many people in the world.
The Nurse of the Magic College is often called to help in a crisis outside of the Magic College, and even often has to leave the city the Magic College is stationed, Zephys. They either heal people in crisis, teach people in places with no access to that study how to heal, or do both depending on the nature of the crisis. No matter what, their services are invaluable.  
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed


The history of the Magic Theory Professor is quite simple. Kilprax Ildial, the first Grand Wizard, did not want anyone else teaching. He felt it right that he be the sole person to teach the students of the Magic College.   For many years, he did just that. In that way, many call him the first Magic Theory Professor. However, when the Elves declared war on him, he appointed someone else to take over while he was busy dealing with the Elves. Kilprax never returned, dying on the battlefield and leaving Altath Jarsashi, a resident of Evity, as the Magic Theory Professor.   Since Tobor Tuldad then became Grand Wizard, Altath was in a strange position. Tuldad allowed him to stay teaching, as he considered it important for the study to continue, but he did not want to teach. So Altath was the first official Magic Theory Professor.   Many debate whether Altath counts as the first Magic Theory Professor, or whether that honor goes to Kilprax Ildial. Many debate this, but the common consensus is to give the honor to Altath, as Kilprax has plenty of his own achievements.

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