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Great Hall of the Magic College

The Great Hall of the Magic College is the second largest part of the Magic College (after the Arena). It is a giant hallway that spans nearly the entire length of the Magic College, and features large stained glass windows.  
The Magic College by Jarhed


The Great Hall (beginning at number 5 on the map) is, for the most part, just a long hallway. The norhernmost side of it, which connects to the office of a Professor (15) and to the Tuldad Theatre (20), is wider, and it gets a bit narrower as the hallway goes on.   As the hallway gets longer, it gets to a stretch that is incredibly long. This is where most of the stained glass is, and where it ceases to get narrow in favor of keeping a consistent width.   At the center of the hallway is an area called The Nook (28). The Nook is a place for people to hang out, hide, or use as a shortcut to get to the Bathroom (27). It is mostly for hiding from spells when people train in the Great Hall.   At the southernmost end, the Great Hall begins to twist around to reach the bathroom and, thus, the office of the Grand Wizard (14).  

Stained Glass

The Stained Glass windows in the Great Hall was created by Kath the Eternal himself when the Magic College was built. They are enchanted to not break when hit with Magic.  


There is a zipline to help people get from one side of the Great Hall to the other with increased speed. The speed can make some people sick, though others say its worth it to not need to walk that far.   There is one on either side of the hallway, though most people only use it coming from the Northern end, as it is rare for people to go far South enough near the Grand Wizard's office to need to use it.  


The Great Hall of the Magic College serves two major purposes.   The first is to be a place where students can test the range of their spells. Professors will stand at a point in the hallway and see if a student can hit there. If so, they move back until the student can no longer reach with their spells.   The second purpose is a bit more morbid. In case of an attack on the Magic College, the Historical Room (22) will be very difficult to reach through the Great Hall, and it will be easy to respond to an attack before important information is taken or destroyed.

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