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Magic College Infirmary

The Magic College Infirmary is the place where students, faculty, and visitors to the Magic College go to get healed.  


The Magic College Infirmary (6) serves two purposes, which are joint but also mean it requires some different things in it.   First, it is an infirmary to heal the sick and injured. There are beds that line the sides of the room, where people can rest to heal up. It is also for those who are knocked out and cannot be brought anywhere else.  
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There are desks around the beds, each with medical supplies, healing potions, tools needed for surgeries, and anesthetic substances. This is mostly for convenience, as the Magic College Nurse requires as little prep time as possible to save any patient who requires these things.   The other purpose of the Magic College Infirmary is as an office for the Magic College Nurse. This is one of the Professors who teaches at the school (usually a Magic Theory Teacher) who knows healing magic. With this, they not only teach, but also serve as a medic and healer whenever they are needed.   The Nurse always teaches in the classroom directly beside the Infirmary (1) so that they can quickly reach the Infirmary if needed.   The current Magic College Nurse is Zanni Laithra, the Gnome Professor of the Class of 550.  


The Magic College Infirmary was once just a room built by Kath the Eternal. He did not have a specific room for healing. It was Wiscys Nicandir, the fourth Grand Wizard, who decided an entire room needed to be dedicated to healing. Thus, she took this room and decided it would be the infirmary.   She also appointed the first Magic College Nurse, the Elven Liashtina Tavish. Liashtina would go on to redefine the healing curriculum at the Magic College.

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