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Golden Automatons

The Golden Automatons are part of the Dwarven Army and are one of the ten Dwarven Squads, being the most prestigious Squad of them all.  

Military Power

The Golden Automatons are one of the most prominent Dwarven Squads, and therefore have some of the most manpower. However, they are not the strongest squad, beaten out in this regard by the Silver Angels, Red Dragons, and Black Boars.   Most Dwarves join the Golden Automatons not to be in combat, instead wishing to aid others in combat. The Golden Automatons' greatest strength is that they support other Squads and the citizenry of Ironforge, as they make weapons, armor, and everyday items on their forges.
Harbek by Jarhed


The greatest asset of the Golden Automatons in combat is always their General. Luckily for the Automatons of today, they have two!   One is their true General, Harbek. A Dwarf with great power, considered one of the greatest blacksmiths in history. He studied at Ironforge University, where he got three Degrees, in Tactics, Forging, and Dwarf Studies. Harbek was considered Missing-in-Action when he and his adoptive son and weapon Ogonn disappeared into the Fire Plane.   The other General is a stand-in for Harbek, a more recent graduate of Ironforge University and student at the Magic College, Bartharn. Bartharn has a degree from Ironforge University in Weapons Forging, and technically fought on the side of Dembar in the Chief Crisis. He is more loyal to Dembar's Chief, Otikul Nurdesh, than he is to the Dwarven King. Bartharn was placed in his position by Salasar Feaphed, 64th Grand Wizard, as well as Krankyl the Prime Minister of the Dwarves, to keep an eye on the squad.  


The Golden Automatons are one of the largest squads, with over three thousand soldiers. These are not all combat troops, many being blacksmiths or cooks, but they still have a large force of soldiers under their command.


The capital city of the Dwarves, Ironforge is home to not just the Golden Automatons, but at least two other Dwarven Squads. These being the Orange Phoenixes and the Silver Angels. Some say the Black Boars Squad also resides in Ironforge, but no one knows for sure.   Ironforge is filled with forges perfect for the Golden Automatons. Ironforge University in particular has the Great Forge, a gigantic place for weapons to be created. The Ironforge Castle also has a large forge for professionals to work at, and the Golden Automatons are the most professional it gets.   Downtown in Ironforge is the base of the Golden Automatons. It is partially shared by the Silver Angels, the police force of Ironforge. The Silver Angels spread out around Ironforge, so some reside there.  


The base of the Golden Automatons is filled with forges and lounges. A workshop lies in a garage at the center, and a small training area exists mostly for the residing Silver Angels, though some Golden Automatons train there from time to time.
A mess hall lies on the far side of the base, where some Golden Automatons learn to forge meals rather than weapons or armor. It is just as important for them to eat as it is to make things for war.


All weapons the Golden Automatons use are made by them. Any weapon not made by them is thrown away immediately, even if it is gifted to them. Some instead reuse gifted weapons, reforging them with the Golden Automatons style.  
Ogonn by Jarhed
The weapon the Golden Automatons are most proud of is Ogonn, the Fire Jinn in a suit of armor who is considered by them to be a living secret weapon that will win them any war.  


The Golden Automatons are an expensive Squad to keep up, as they have various facilities that need more maintenance than any other Squad. This is made up for by the fact that Golden Automatons are not paid a salary, but instead are given money each time they make something on the forge, cook, or participate in battle.   This means that more things are made or more morale is kept in battle, and less money is spent on the soldiers. A win-win situation for the Dwarven government.  


The Golden Automatons is a very sought after Squad to join, as they are the most prestigious. At the ceremony where all recruits go to Generals to be selected, showing off what they can do, the Golden Automaton General looks for their skills in blacksmithing and/or cooking.   Their weapons are tested on whether they can scratch armor made by the General himself, their armor is tested whether it can withstand a blow from the General's weapon, and their cooking is tested by whether the General likes it or not. Then, they are recruited.  


The Duty of the Golden Automatons is more than almost any other. While, unlike other Squads, they do not need to guard anything but their own belongings and Headquarters, they do still need to fight in any war they are called into.   They also are always making weapons and armor for all other Squads, alongside themselves and the royalty of Ironforge. Even Nobles of places like Gansernfeld (home of the Violet Vipers) sometimes seek the craft of the Golden Automatons.   Some of their cooks also have the duty of going to food shelters and bringing their food there for the poor and family-less Dwarves who don't have food of their own.   The final duty of the Golden Automatons is to make everyday items for Dwarves in the city of Ironforge. Most things used day-to-day are crafted in a Golden Automaton forge, like doors, plumbing, and even some homes. The traditional stove was created by the Golden Automatons, and they are still one of the leading manufacturers.

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