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The Vampire Hunters

The Vampire Hunters are a group of people who seek to eliminate the threat of Vampirism on Totania, centralized in the Draconians Village of Waire.  


It is the job of the Vampire Hunters to kill all Vampires, a rather simple goal, but it stretches beyond just killing. For one, they were founded with a Vampire among their initial ranks: Luth Rumbleblood.
Luth Rumbleblood by Jarhed
  Luth, however, is considered a force for good. He, too, hunts the vampires that cursed him so. He has sworn to not take high authority, for he knows no hunter will take orders from a vampire.   Luth has also promised that when vampirism is gone, he will allow them to kill him to wipe it out for good.  

Protection of All People

More than anything, more than hunting, the Vampire Hunters have a a duty that is greater than hunting or killing.   This is their creed and a very important motto for each member:
"Protect All Living Things."
  The reason they fight against Vampires is purely the same. The Vampire Hunters see the bloodsuckers as a threat to all living things, and thus wish to stop the undead beings from harming the living.  

Other Rites and Rituals

The Dampening of the Dhampir ritual is performed by the Vampire Hunters, where each member is taught the chant and the specifics to complete the ritual and keep the Vampires out. Aside from that, they are known to grow onions and garlic to keep out Vampires.  


The Vampire Hunters have a fairly simple structure, though some confusion comes from the position of leadership within it, as initially both of the top positions were held by Sinner Caerxan.  

Chief of Waire

As they are centralized in Waire, the Vampire Hunters are under the authority of the Village Chief of Waire. While they are not technically part of the Vampire Hunters, they have the authority to order them around or prevent them from doing something.
Dresser and Sinner by Jarhed


Founded by Sinner and Dresser Caerxan, a Korvian couple who had recently inherited ownership of Waire.   During the Chief Crisis, Sinner had been trapped in Waire due to the threat of Dresmorlin Cobath, the Great Vampire Lord, and when he returned Dresmorlin had wiped out the village.   Sinner, with Dresser by his side, swore to wipe out Dresmorlin and all of the bloodsuckers who followed him. They gathered a group that initially consisted of the two Caerxans, their son Paragon, the Nephilim Aurrin, the vampire Luth Rumbleblood, the Human Dath Redhunter, and the Devils Silentium and Revelry.
However, the Chief's jurisdiction only extends to Waire, so any Vampire Hunter activities outside of Waire are not the subject of approval from the Chief.
Dresmorlin Cobath by Jarhed

Leader of the Hunt

The true leader of the Vampire Hunters is the Leader of the Hunt. This is a title that was first held by Sinner Caerxan, the first founder, as he took inspiration for the name from the Wood Elven title of the same name. For Sinner only got to Waire thanks to the Wood Elven Leader of the Hunt, Ilifaren, and honored her for her help with his position.  

Vice Hunter

The Vice Hunter is the one who answers directly to the Leader of the Hunt, who can question their authority at any time and can lead hunts in their place. They are also the next in line to lead if something happens to the Leader. This position was first held by Sinner's wife, Dresser Caerxan.  

High Hunters

The High Hunters are the most skilled and trusted Hunters, who can go out on hunts without authority. They are made up of the best in the Vampire Hunters, first consisting of Luth Rumbleblood, Silentium, and Aurrin.   High Hunters are only those who were able to achieve three stars as a Base Hunter. Here, they can get further stars.  

Base Hunters

A Base Hunter is the basic rank one gets upon joining the Vampire Hunters. Here, they are under the authority of all Hunters above them. However, they may gain more titles and honor by going on successful hunts.   The more successful a hunt is, the more likely it is that a Base Hunter may get a star. These stars, modelled after Sinner's House of the Rising Sun, are awarded by the Vice Hunter. One can achieve, as a Base Hunter, three stars before they are considered to be a High Hunter. The amount of stars one has often correlates to how skilled of a hunter they are, though it is not always the case. Some hunters just get lucky.  


The Vampire Hunters are headquartered in Waire, and while most do live there, they actually do their work in the Caerxan tunnels beneath Waire, which stretch out through the entire Elven Forest and to all of the Draconian Villages.   In these tunnels, Vampire Hunters can sneak up on Vampires, bring people to safety with speed, and run/hide with ease, as Vampires find difficulty getting into the tunnels due to briars, onions, and garlic planted inside, along with the knowledge that there are other Vampire Hunters in the tunnels. Thus, the tunnels serve as detterents for Vampires.

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