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The Maw of the Sea

The Maw of the Sea is the region of ocean east of The Elven Isles, beyond which there are said to be more islands, and the home of the dragons, The name of this location is not known
the Isle of Fire and Blood
. The Maw of the Sea is referred to as a Maw due to the extremely dangerous nature of the waters in the region. In addition to fearsome monsters which survive there, the Maw is most characterized by the unpredictable and largely unmapped whirlpools which open in a matter of moments from seemingly calm waters.


The Maw is characterized geographically speaking by a long line of underwater volcanoes, which create many treacherous shallows in unexpected places. It is full of reefs and sandbars, reaching like the "teeth" of the Maw up towards passing ships.


According to legends (mostly because it is too dangerous to attempt a true study) the Maw is home to a variety of fearsome creatures.

Localized Phenomena

Perhaps due to the strange underwater terrains, or perhaps due to the actions of some of the creatures that live in the deep, the Maw is frequently host to massive whirlpools which can capsize or pull ships under the ocean, and can sometime start with very little warning. The whirlpools can vary in size and in lifespan, but they pose a very serious danger to explorers. Even if a whirlpool does not succeed in pulling a ship under, it may very well slam it into a section of shallows, or simple force the crew to turn back and try to navigate another path through the waters, in the particularly tight areas of reef where a whirlpool might take up the entirety of the passable area. The best approach for navigating past these accursed obstacles is to hire a mage with some ability to control water, but individuals with that sort of magical power are often expensive and difficult to convince.


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